Religious game,

  wolfie3000 22:39 08 Feb 2010

A few years back I posted about a MMORPG game based on Heaven, the back story to the game was an astronaut dies and goes to heaven to collect pearls or something like that, well im trying to find out what the game was.

Any ideas, iv searched the forums for the original post with no luck.

The game had gorgeous graphics and was 100% truthful to the bibles description of heaven,

The game had a blonde female character in it and a lion best thing also,
Heaven was made of gold with big pearls i think too.

Its been driving me mad trying to find the games name.

As you would expect the game itself was made by a Christian gaming company.

  cycoze 22:58 08 Feb 2010

Heaven the Game by Genesis Works click here

  wolfie3000 23:01 08 Feb 2010

Thanks Cycoze.

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