Release of Police Killers

  flycatcher1 16:22 23 Oct 2014

I see that a criminal who killed two Policemen and was complicit in the murder of another is about to be released from prison. We cannot trust Politicians ( about anything), when Hanging was abolished I seem to remember that "Real Life" sentences were promised for Murders of Police Officers - yet another broken promise.

I am very much against hanging but I think that Life should mean Life for certain crimes. The Police are often called to carry out dangerous and life-threatening operations and they should be supported in every way. The Powers never,ever, seem to concern themselves with the victims of crime it is the "Human Rights" of criminals they seem to worry about.

  bumpkin 17:16 23 Oct 2014

Powers never,ever, seem to concern themselves with the victims of crime it is the "Human Rights" of criminals they seem to worry about.

You should forfeit your human rights when you murder in my opinion but no the killers must be considered. What a load of nonsense.

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  morddwyd 20:26 23 Oct 2014

This country is very proud of its Criminal Justice System and regularly holds it up as an example to the world.

There are those who would feel more comfortable with a Victim Justice System.

  bumpkin 21:11 23 Oct 2014

Criminals have chosen to be criminals, the victims do not have that choice.

  Aitchbee 21:33 23 Oct 2014

In this case, the 'victims' chose to be policemen ... with all of the dangers involved in that vocation. I'd say, if the killer has served his due time in jail [over 45 years], then he should be a set free. His punishment is over.

  Flak999 00:32 24 Oct 2014

He should remain in prison and die there, never to taste freedom again. If there was any real justice he would have been hanged for his crimes!

Why should he be afforded the privilege of freedom? The families of the police officers he murdered have to live with the results of his crimes forever. I hope he never has a moments peace in the time he has left.

  wee eddie 01:14 24 Oct 2014

How about thinking about this another way.

At 78, he's going to cost the Prison Service a small fortune to look after. Whereas, out in the community, he's on his own.

  BT 08:10 24 Oct 2014

Whereas, out in the community, he's on his own.

Probably not. He'll have little or no family and will probably end up in some sort of supported accommodation at the expense of the taxpayer, and will need a huge amount of support in returning to a life of 'freedom', yet more expense. I don't know what his state of health is but chances are at his age he'll need health care support and maybe even residential care. Saying he has paid his debt to society won't get a lot of sympathy from his victims families and he'll be needing to watch his back and will probably end up with a new identity. He's spent the greater majority of his life in prison and basically its the only life he knows and I can't see him coping with the outside world. Better for everyone if he stays where he is.

  kad292 08:15 24 Oct 2014

Retribution or Rehabilitation the questions that need to be debated openly and honestly with a free vote for the politicians and ,dare i say,a referendum,yes that word again,for the public.Hang or be Damned yes or no that simple.!!!!

  sunnystaines 09:08 24 Oct 2014

life should mean life.

  BillSers 09:24 24 Oct 2014

**The man is now 78 years of age, he's served 48 years, for heaven's sake how much more retribution is necessary? It's very unlikely, at his age, he will now present any danger.**

What tosh! This isn't to do with whether he's a danger to society or not. It is symbolic of how society views police killers. By setting him free shows he has been forgiven by the prison parole board and paid his debt to society. Well, I believe the majority of people would consider his freedom as sticking two fingers up at the police force, those who are there in a dangerous job protecting the likes of you and me.

Incidentally, just who are these prats who make up parole boards who often believe prisoners tales of how sorry they are and are now no danger then allow dangerous criminals to carry on regardless and commit more crimes.

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