spuds 13:05 03 Mar 2011

There are many people,religions,groups and sect members who have deep views, thoughts and possible believes regarding Reincarnation, and the 'bright white world' after death.

Whats your views or opinions?.

  Woolwell 13:08 03 Mar 2011

Is this relevant click here

  jakimo 13:41 03 Mar 2011

Implausible as it may be, reincarnation gives those who do believe something to grasp on to,otherwise they may see no purpose in their existing in the first place

  ella33 14:19 03 Mar 2011

I have known people actually plan for their next life through reading and learning something new, that they hope will be useful. If that is their belief.... then so be it.

I have amazingly known people excuse a bad relationship with someone as a problm with them in a previous incarnation. I think they need to learn to live this one (even if that is true)and stop making excuses.

I do believe we have a soul and that life is eternal. Too many things in life have happened for me not to believe that. I cannot believe that humans and the world are here just by acccident and that there is no point to everything in the world. It is all far too complex and beautifully made for that

  Seth Haniel 14:22 03 Mar 2011

didn't believe in it in their past life too :)

  ella33 14:24 03 Mar 2011

I like that answer

  Kevscar1 14:36 03 Mar 2011

I want to come back as an ambulance.
They open you up at the back. Put a full man inside you and you go down the road going oh ah oh ah oh ah

  jakimo 14:46 03 Mar 2011

If your belief gives you comfort and contentment,then theres nothing wrong with that

  Seth Haniel 14:54 03 Mar 2011

careful what you wish for, you don't know who's listening :)

  jakimo 15:51 03 Mar 2011

You would quickly get fed up with transporting all those sick people about

  birdface 16:24 03 Mar 2011

It would be nice to think that all our friends and family that have passed away would be there waiting for us when we go.
I think I will take a shovel with me when it is my time to go just in case it is a load of rubbish.
It would just be my luck to come back as a Dung Beetle.

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