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A Reilly Major Life Changer!

  morddwyd 09:42 21 Aug 2016

I've been having a few stomach upsets over recent months and by a process of elimination,tried and retried I've come to the shattering conclusion that I must give up my daily glass of sherry!

One's quality of life gets ever poorer.

  Forum Editor 22:23 30 Aug 2016

With respect, you started all this, by self-diagnosing the cause of repeated stomach upsets - something that no doctor would be happy about.

You decided that you were allergic to Sherry, a diagnosis that can't possibly be right, based on the evidence you've posted.

Each of us has a perfect right to ignore symptoms that it might be wise to consult a medical professional about, but it's best not to publish the fact in a web forum - it's inviting the kind of responses you've seen here.

  morddwyd 09:13 31 Aug 2016

Oh for God's sake lighten up!

I know I entitled it a major life changer but that was meant to be a light heated approach.

I have found that something gives me a bit of indigestion, so what? So do mushrooms, clotted cream and fried foods. it's hardly a matter the WHO should be looking at. Anybody that doesn't avoid certain foods or drinks for the same reason is very fortunate, particularly if they're elderly.

  flycatcher1 10:21 31 Aug 2016

Having read all the posts on this topic I have a healthy (sorry) respect for all those coping so well with various ailments and problems. It makes me very humble to think that I just have the problem of the odd TIA and the associated tiredness brought on by the necessary medication. Nearly 87 outside but still 29 inside like the rest of you chaps!

  iscanut 19:51 01 Sep 2016

"..the rest of you chaps "... I am no spring chicken at all !Are most of the regulars here under 29 ?

  morddwyd 09:13 02 Sep 2016

Mentally some of us are under 9!

Just ask the FE!

  flycatcher1 09:57 02 Sep 2016

What I was referring to was "A state of mind", I am sure that, at some time or another, we have all met people who were old beyond their age and vice versa. My Vulcan Captain has just died at 91, we was a young man in action and deed up to a couple of years ago. There are many "Young at heart" people on this forum, even the FE, who I must have seen as a young lad, is getting old in years - but nothing else.

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