A Reilly Major Life Changer!

  morddwyd 09:42 21 Aug 2016

I've been having a few stomach upsets over recent months and by a process of elimination,tried and retried I've come to the shattering conclusion that I must give up my daily glass of sherry!

One's quality of life gets ever poorer.

  davecartman 09:48 21 Aug 2016

You are absolutely right. A large port and brandy would be far better than sherry.

  morddwyd 10:16 21 Aug 2016

"works wonders for the digestion, "

Yes but not for the overnight bladder!

  flycatcher1 10:25 21 Aug 2016

Years ago I suffered from kidney stones in Tripoli, sorted out excellent Army Medics, and I was told by the Consultant to stop drinking spirits and move on to beer. I always take medical advice, well nearly, so I started to drink beer. During travels in far of places serving Queen and Country I found that beer drinkers had very few stomach upsets, soft drinkers more and the with the spirit drinkers we never knew - and nor did they. I still keep it up but now my capacity is somewhat limited.

  oresome 13:18 21 Aug 2016

You could try drinking the sherry at a different time of day or after a meal etc.

It's worth a little experimentation if you enjoy a tipple.

I take a daily aspirin and had to experiment to find a time of day when it didn't upset my stomach. Fortunately, wine with a meal gives me no ill effects.

  bumpkin 14:23 21 Aug 2016

One's quality of life gets ever poorer.

Not if the port and brandy agrees with you :-)

  wee eddie 14:50 21 Aug 2016

I doubt that it's the Sherry.

Maybe your analysis is erroneous!

  NevenLand 14:57 21 Aug 2016

Sherry?? Are you a 54 year old soccer mom?

  BT 17:12 21 Aug 2016

Sherry?? Are you a 54 year old soccer mom?

Each to his own. A little of what you fancy does you good!(So they say)

  morddwyd 19:23 21 Aug 2016

Some interesting points!

The direct opposite of Flycatcher, a service doctor told me in 1964 to stop drinking beer and only drink clear spirits. Thirty years later, in the Falklands I was still known as "The Bacardi Kid"!

Drinking at a different time of the day is not much of an option with sherry, it's one of those drinks that requires a certain mindset, like pre or post post prandial! On Google Earth my late wife and I are recorded for eternal posterity sitting in our porch having a pre-lunch sherry!

Can't stagger my aspirin much either. As I've posted before, I take 12 x 300mG a day , the max allowed, the last ones just before bed at 10.45[m!

  bumpkin 20:16 21 Aug 2016

Is there no alternative to the aspirin which is known to cause stomach problems. 12 a day seems a huge amount, is your doctor aware of this.

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