Regarding the Asian Tsunami disaster.

  Forum Editor 18:57 01 Jan 2005

This is obviously - and rightly - an issue of great concern, and quite understandably many people want to do anything they can to help. I've received several requests that we allow an 'appeal' thread to run on the forum, asking forum members to donate money. I've refused these requests because we have a firm policy about such things - we don't allow the forum to be used for charitable appeals - no matter how important they may be to the interested parties.

If we did this once we would hardly be able to refuse on future occasions, and we would soon be inundated with threads asking for donations to various causes.

I feel as strongly about the Asian situation as anyone - I lived in Sri Lanka for a number of years, and I know the island of Phuket very well - I've worked there, and in other affected areas for years. I believe that the majority of forum members will make their own decisions about which charitable or humanitarian contributions they make - it isn't necessary to labour the subject here in the forum. We survive best as a community if we allow people to act according to their consciences and their pockets, and for that reason I would prefer not to see any further threads on the subject of money for Asia.

I hope that clarifies our thinking on the matter.

  Sapins 20:31 01 Jan 2005

I agree 100% particularly about making our own decisions.

  shizzy 21:20 01 Jan 2005

Agree, it is very easy to use the official website.
click here

  Buchan 35 22:15 01 Jan 2005

FE, I agree with you on this matter. I`m sure most of us have made our own decisions about donations and they are private. I`ve been to Penang and other places in Malaya during the Emergency in the early 50`s and when I left I had, and still do have, some wonderful memories of my time there.

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:28 01 Jan 2005

click here

think this is the site you mean.

  Buchan 35 22:29 01 Jan 2005

I`ve just read pj123`s thread and whilst I still agree with FE I feel Pj123 has his heart in the right place. Money can be raised in hundreds of ways, and it`s up to those who want to do it to go out and do it.

Bye the way jackcoms I think your post was a little out of order

  spuds 00:02 02 Jan 2005

Today I have received in my email box, suggestions that I change utility services [electric/gas]and any saving that I make, I can donate to the Tsunami disaster funding.

Didn't take very long for the sales pitches to start :o(

  Forum Editor 00:22 02 Jan 2005

In a similar vein - today I received an email from a well-known software vendor, offering me software in exchange for a donation. It works on a sliding scale - the more I give, the more free software I get.

I wasn't suggesting that anyone's heart was in the wrong place by the way, and I'm pretty certain that everyone knows that.

That highlights another problem with forum charity/appeal threads - it's too easy for bad feeling to creep in. Let's leave things as they are shall we? I'm perfectly sure that anyone who wishes to give money can find a hundred ways to do it, as Buchan 35 said.

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