With regard to the new-look PCA forum site

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:25 31 Oct 2005

Of those who have so far voted more than half think the site is better, including me, whilst less than a sixth think it is worse. The rest seem to be fairly neutral. That seems quite successful to me, after all you will never please everyone.

  Skills 22:11 31 Oct 2005

At first I didnt like it at all but im getting used to now.

I still wish they'd bring back black text and expand the text area but it is growing on me.

I know the forum gets a fair account of its income through adds but please please please get rid of the flash adds, they do me head in.

  ade.h 23:07 31 Oct 2005

Apart from the text problems that I and others with dodgy mince pies are experiencing, it's quite good.

Some people are finding that their browsers are showing a lot of the blue edges and squashing up the text boxes in the process, but I haven't found that to be the case. I use Opera, but leave it set to identify itself as IE, and I did wonder whether that was why I haven't had any problems with layout. Maybe if Opera identifies itself as itself (if that makes sense) then viewers get layout issues. Not sure.

I'd quite like the latest postings for each forum to return but I don't think that there's enough room for it in the new layout.

  [email protected] 23:51 31 Oct 2005

the reason people are viewing it more squashed than others is because of the resolution they are running at, not the browser.

I haven't tried it at this resolution but I assume when viewed at 800 x 600 there are no blue borders (although I think you have to scroll to the right to see everything).

When viewed at 1024 x 768 there are acceptable blue borders either side about 1 cm thick.

When viewed at 1280 x 1024 (which I am) there are very wide blue borders about 5cm thick.

Therefore everyone sees the same size middle section in terms of pixels.

Apart from this 'flaw' I think the new layout is a very good improvment

  Skills 00:00 01 Nov 2005

Im using 1024x728 and as you say I have about a 1cm blue border down each side this seems like wasted space to me why not leave a blue flash down either side and use the extra space to spread out the forum area more?

  Newuser38 09:50 01 Nov 2005

see my contribution here
click here

I do not have to scroll sideways at all, unless I want to read the ads on the rh side.

  ade.h 13:08 01 Nov 2005

I have 1024 on one monitor (CRT and 1280 on two TFTs and I don't get more that a thin strip of blue.

Apart from the fact that the layout is a bit crammed with text and objects, it's not particularly squashed up or anything, just a bit busy.

  GroupFC 14:25 01 Nov 2005

Is it just me or have the powers that be just changed the colour of the font - or am I just getting used to it!??

  Kate B 14:41 01 Nov 2005

on 1900 x 1200 in Firefox the text is A4-width in the middle of the monitor with very wide blue bands, which I find fine.

  Kate B 14:49 01 Nov 2005

Two suggestions: it would be nice to see who had made the most recent posting on a thread; and I love the way some forums allow you to read the first few lines of a post when your mouse hovers over it. It saves a lot of clicking back and forth if you can scan the first few lines.

  Kate B 14:49 01 Nov 2005

oh, and a third suggestion: it would be good to have a brief period available - say an hour - in which to edit posts. It's very useful.

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