Refurbished items, are they really

  bumpkin 16:45 14 Dec 2013

I don't know if any of you have bought items described as refurbished. I have bought quite a few in the past and with the exception of a desktop PC which was clearely used (very pleased with it though) everything else seems to be new. For example a Canon printer price £140 bought for £60, CD was French and model number was for export but it had never been used. Another recent example was a BT Decor caller display phone £15 brand new in its original packaging, I can't imagine anyone even just cleaning it, packing it and posting it for that ammount let alone refurbishing. Maybe it is a sales thing to get rid of old stock, catalogue returns or such like. What are your experiences?

  AroundAgain 17:44 14 Dec 2013

May I ask what sort of markets are you referring to? Ebay, known brands like Dell etc or elsewhere?

I think I'd be more sceptical if considering ebay but only because I don't know how reliable they might be. Others, such as Dell for instance, I would have no concerns as their Customer Service is reputedly (and proven) very good.

I got a 'refurbished' desktop from Dell recently, on behalf of a (non-techie) friend. Very good price/spec, Win 8 and appeared to be 'new' although possibly not and it's seems really good. It did have a strange problem in relation to two different monitors I connected with but Dell sent chap out next day, who changed motherboard, which fixed the issue. So, not complaining.

  bumpkin 18:02 14 Dec 2013

Things that cost a few hundred pounds I can understand are worth refurbishing but with things of little value I can't imagine anyone taking the time and trouble with.

  pavvi 18:25 14 Dec 2013

Sometimes it's stock that people have looked at in a store. This means that the store can't sell it as "new", so therefore it is reduced in price. You can get some great deals, but in the end it's reflected in the prices that we all pay. Unless there is a fault that is notified at point of purchase, you still have full statutory rights for anything not notified, and it should be as described and of satisfactory quality.

  Forum Editor 18:49 14 Dec 2013

I bought a refurbished DSLR camera body. It would have cost around £1200 new, and I got it for £900. It was immaculate, and has functioned perfectly ever since.

  bumpkin 18:54 14 Dec 2013

Thanks, I was thinking on those lines. I have had some good bargains, at half price I can do without the cellophane on the outside.

  bumpkin 18:56 14 Dec 2013

Still don't know why they don't say that though instead of calling it refurbished.

  bumpkin 19:06 14 Dec 2013

FE, a good buy in your case even if not new. High value items I can understand being refurbished as it is worth their while.

  Aitchbee 20:34 14 Dec 2013

I once bought a second-hand 'W' reg Opel Manta Silver Berlinetta 2-door 2 litre model [ my first car in 1986 with a ' reconditioned ' engine for £800 cash-in-hand ] on the good advice of my workmate friend Barry, a time-served motor-mechanic ... the engine was still runnin' 'as-sweet-as-a-nut' when I drove her into the Govan scrapyard five years later with a little-bitty tear in my eye. I got £40, and a bus home.

  bumpkin 21:08 14 Dec 2013

"I once bought a second-hand 'W' reg Opel Manta" I don't wish to harp on but as I have said in previous threads there is medical help available for you.

  Aitchbee 21:11 14 Dec 2013

bumpkin ... can you recommend anyone that you have used?

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