Refugee Crisis on Hungary-Serbia border

  spuds 00:33 17 Sep 2015

Having watched the Wednesday 3pm tear gas and water cannon incident on Sky News as it was unfolding, on the Hungary - Serbia border, made me seriously wonder how far this will escalate, especially with violence in other countries protecting their borders and citizen's.

What I also found very alarming was the suggestion from the Romany communities involved in this, and how it would seem, this is going to be their way forward in 'dominating' Europe. Rather frightening words, if true.

Story at 12.30AM today click here

  kad292 04:12 17 Sep 2015

The 'barbarian' hordes brought down the Roman empire, is history about to repeat itself.The fledgling EU empire is in a fatal embrace between what it believes is the right,moral,thing to do and a rising tide of disbelief in the nature and import of events.

Open borders could ,as it has in parts,invite serious civil strife yet closing them will cause more riots and signify,maybe,the end of at least one tranch of the European Project,the Schengen Agreement.

Many years ago people spoke of Fortress Europe well that fortress has been well and truly breached.

  Quickbeam 08:14 17 Sep 2015

This mess is the making by Merkel in Germany.

Her almost open invitation to the entire population of the Middle East to come seek great and instant prosperity in a Europe that has streets paved in gold was naive in the extreme.

As I said in a previous post, "surely I wasn't the only one to see this one coming".

  spuds 09:05 17 Sep 2015

Coming back to yesterdays 3PM incident, and the news follow up. It would appear that there was a 'legal' entry into the country via "the old route", where entry would have possibly been granted, but for some reason, the crowds where instructed that was not possible. And since then, further re-directions have been provided to some of those in yesterdays incident.

So it might be further troubles are going to occur, within the next day or so, with mad rush's in less protected areas. If this happens, will it really 'kick-off' with possible deaths, and even more hardships for all concerned, and possibly a larger foothold for terrorist activities!.

Another very alarming fact was also stated yesterday, that the UN "might" convene sometime next week, to discuss this latest wave of incidents. Surely, this is a serious event that requires immediate action and discussions, not a case of "might" next week. This is a point I have made on many occasions, in respect of the 'United Nations', and how I have found that institute totally worthless in all it does.

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