A refreshing bit of customer service

  bumpkin 17:52 10 Oct 2014

Having tried for hours to fit some new tyres to my mower (ride on type) I was forced to give up not having the tools or ability. Next step is the mower centre about 5mls away, a place I hate as it is very expensive and the staff miserable and unhelpful. £7.50 each plus VAT do it sometime next week. Local Kwik Fit is about 400yds away but they do not do mowers as they are not geared up for it. Thought I would try them again anyway and new manager since last time I asked. Bring them in he said and we will see if we can help. Took them in the next day and when they had finished laughing one guy said I'll do them. Watched by 3 of his workmates and myself he struggled to do this by hand as the machines were too big for these rims. Much gibbing and mickey taking from his colleagues, one of whom decided he could do it but failed. Lots of laughing and joking from them but in the end he managed it and did it while I waited. Great said I how much is that, nothing he said, have it on us, nice to do something different.

What a different attitude, I left expressing my gratitude and was told come back anytime.

  bumpkin 18:06 10 Oct 2014

I have left out the many explicatives but a bit of fun for all it seemed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 10 Oct 2014

They must have been having a quiet day to be able to fit you in.

Nice to see a good bit of news :0)

  bumpkin 20:01 10 Oct 2014

They were not busy, so a free fix and half an hours entertainment watching people interact.

  spuds 00:42 11 Oct 2014

Just goes to show how things have changed nowadays. In the old days, it would have been someone with a pair of dirty overalls, a couple of tyre levers plus a lump hammer - job done for the price of a packet of fags or a pint.

But mentioning Kwik-Fit, I sometimes wonder if the branch manager or staff are on any form of incentive or bonus scheme. Some branch outlets seem very helpful and others seem no so.

  Batch 14:23 11 Oct 2014

My own story (from yesterday).

My car key (remote central locking) for my Clio III would not work / worked intermittently (depending upon which key I pushed). Took it apart and found that all three micro-switches were breaking down. So....

Renault: £180 please (for a new key and programming). Me: No thanks mate!

So took it along to KeyFobRepair (Palmers Green / Wood Green just south of the North Circular) yesterday a.m. 30 minutes later - 3 new micro-switches fitted for £19.50. Now works a treat.

  bumpkin 16:16 11 Oct 2014

I have had a few Citroens including Xantia estate, got a C3 now but I used to like the clever suspension on the older ones. Took the Xantia in for some new tyres and the next day I drove it the back suspension was as low as it could be, it would pump up if I selected it but only last for a few miles so I had to keep stopping. A friend of mine a Citroen mechanic for 30yrs told me there is a little plastic/nylon link about 2" long underneath and if the car was dropped off the jack suddenly it pops out of its ball joint. He put it back on but said once it has come off it will do it again, buy a new one they are about £2 including the retaining clip that you may as well throw away as it is useless. Got a new one and fitted it (not easy) but sorted the problem. I only got rid of it as it was getting too old, probably one of my favourite cars that I have owned.

  Batch 17:20 11 Oct 2014

Well, continuing on the car theme...

A few years ago I had a BMW 316 that was (I guess) around 10 years old at the time. Exhaust manifold gasket was blowing. Spoke to local BMW dealer and they said it could be a big job as the manifold bolts often seize in the cylinder head (and shear if forced) and they end up having to take the head off to drill out the old bolts etc. = megabucks if I'm unlucky.

However, the service guy suggested a DIY solution (which they would not entertain doing because it meant keeping the car for quite a while). WD40 (what else!), sprayed on every day (or even twice or three times a day) for MANY days AND not to use the car at all (i.e not to even start the engine). Then, with any luck the WD40 will have worked its magic and the bolts will come out without too much bother. Worked a treat.

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