Reflective Jackets

  Ancient Learner 14:32 19 Jun 2005

I know that this is a funny subject, but I don't seem to be having much luck finding a web site that can help me. Perhaps someone here can.

I learn that as from June this year, you must have a reflective jacket if you get out of the car by, or onto a road in Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal, which makes it essential to have one or more in the car if travelling to these places (what happens if you hire I don't know).

My need is not urgent, but eventually it will be so it is best to start the search earlier rather than later. The offering at Halfords. for instance, does not really satisfy the need, as it is only a waistcoat not a jacket, and these foreign police can be terribly pedantic as far as we Brits are concerned, and it doesn't have the right numbers on them; for Spain they should be RD1407/1992 and CE marked, and for Portugal Directive 89/686 EUC.

Isn't life complicated!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:37 19 Jun 2005

This is what the UK plod here at around £27.


  Charence 14:42 19 Jun 2005

hmm a lot to choose from here click here

  Ancient Learner 14:45 19 Jun 2005

Thank you.

These really are a high quality, and look a very warm jacket. However perhaps a bit too warm to wear on a hot day in summer on the continent.

I think that I need a rather more lightweight type.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:41 19 Jun 2005

They are unlined and fairly lightweight. Your chances of needing one are negligible. Every day is not a hot day on the continent and if they are good enough for our plod to wear on hot days in the UK.......


  Joe R 16:24 19 Jun 2005

click here

Another one to browse.

  spuds 20:19 19 Jun 2005

Try Cromwell Tools, they may have a branch near you, and they are a worldwide company. They are usually trade, but will sell to Joe Public. click here

  KingCanute 06:34 20 Jun 2005

You could try, they have the waistcoat style for £6.99.

  wiz-king 06:44 20 Jun 2005

click here it seems to indicate that you can have a reflective jacket/waistcoat, I don't think the cops would ask to see the CE marking but I would get one with the mark just in case, after all we are in harmony with the rest of Europe - aren't we?

  Ancient Learner 15:22 20 Jun 2005

This is turning into a bit if a nightmare.

The AA. couldn't help me and didn't seem, a) interested, and b) knew nothing of any requirement numbers.

H. T. Hughes, mentioned above wouldn't discuss anything to do with regulations!

I have found that you can buy them in supermarkets in Portugal for about 3€.But that is no good if you live here.

A firm who advertises them at £8.95 in the Camping and Caravanning Club's magazine got flummoxed at the mention of these regs. and was of to ask their Euro MP what it was all about.

Perhaps 3m, whose web site, incidentally, is useless, to me anyway, is supposed to be phoning me back with some help.

I'll report when anything else happens!

The ones worn by our boys in blue, are,I'm sure, perfectly good for the job, but British Kite marks and the like, are unlikely to be much good in the middle of Spain with the local copper fingering his revolver as he waits to be paid the fine.
It's EU numbers that they will want.:))

  sattman 17:26 20 Jun 2005

This is to the standard.

click here

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