reflection one year on from the referendum

  Ungus 10:12 13 Sep 2015

Just that thought i would mention that many political commentators are reflecting one year on from the independence referendum in Scotland, before any of the rabid unionists jump down my throat i am not trying to start a rerun but i think it is worth some reflection on what has happened in UK politics since. Has the referendum settled the issue absolutely not as even the No side now expect there will be another some time in the near future and to be fair theY talk more about it than the SNP. Has the face of politics in the wider UK changed, i would say yes with England becoming more right of centre and Scotland heading in the opposite direction. Is Scotland a different place most certainly there is a more confident air about the place in general terms. Has there been damage caused by the referendum that again is a yes with a deep division between nationalist and unionist with the country still pretty much split 50 50. Has the relationship with England changed not that much but people up here are no longer going to accept some Westminster decisions without putting up a fight. Has any of the so called vows been implemented thats a No even the men that gave it admitted that last week. What does the future hold for the British state [it is a state comprising of four seperate countries and not a nation] its difficult to say and with Labour electing a left wing leader in what is pretty much a conservative country so there could be some very interesting times ahead. So my summary of the current state of union is that everything is changed yet paradoxically things outwardly remain the same Scots remain ciitizens of the UK Westminster retains ultimate sovereignty over defence, foreign policy etc but this is only a shallow surface of continuity and Scottish society has crossed a rubicon on its position within the the UK state which is at odds with the past conditions. Now i am asking for peoples reflections in general terms on the current state of the union so please dont fight the last war again my people have let that one go and are concentrating on the next war [politcaly speaking] but taking stock is always a good way of moving forward and keeping the peace to finding solutions to difficult problems.

  Pine Man 10:53 13 Sep 2015

i am asking for peoples reflections in general terms

Sick to death of the whole issue and continual infighting. Should have given independence to Scotland, cut it off from the mainland and pushed it out to sea.

  spuds 11:06 13 Sep 2015

When the Scottish referendum took place, did the whole world stop, or was it a case of normal service, except for those that disagreed with the ultimate verdict that won the day, and have complained ever since.

If or when there is another referendum on Scotland breaking away from the UK, then that time might come, and only then will we see if the right or wrong verdict was reached on the first occasion.

My thoughts at present, is whether the UK or its voting public, will be given the chance to vote on whether we should remain in the EU!.

  bremner 12:03 13 Sep 2015

Pine Man - with you over Scotland.

Is it any wonder this forum has stagnated with just a handful of contributors going over the same ground and ever more mundane new threads being started.

  Forum Editor 12:39 13 Sep 2015

We've had more than enough discussion about Scottish politics for now. Why don't you get the message that by repeatedly posting on the subject you are alienating people?

This is a discussion forum, but it's not a platform for personal campaigning - if you want to do that I suggest you look elsewhere.

I'm locking this thread now. Please do not start another one.

  Forum Editor 12:48 13 Sep 2015


".....ever more mundane new threads being started."

I'm with you on that. I think there are people who trawl the red-tops and other locations to find stuff to post about. When I saw a thread about an ad for people to work in a coffee shop I realised we had reached a turning point.

There will be deletions. It's up to us, the people who use this forum, to provide interesting topics for discussion - I'm not going to sit here and watch it become a repository for trivia. I know there are lots of people here who are capable of making quality contributions - let's try to encourage them.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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