refective jacket required for france now

  sunny staines 16:18 13 Jul 2008

for those driving to france are you aware of a new law with £100 fine

click here

  ronalddonald 16:25 13 Jul 2008

we should introduce laws for our european counterparts lke they too should where a ping pong jacket when they drive.

  rawprawn 16:40 13 Jul 2008

Although not law in the UK, I think it good practice and I have carried one for years.(and used it changing a wheel on the hard shoulder of the M1)
However the attitude across the channel is typically French.

  Coffee Adict 16:41 13 Jul 2008

I think its a perfectly sound idea.
Don't blame the French because our media are so intraverted they ignore the fact that a fast majority of uk citizens travel on the continent.

I wear a yellow reflective jacket if I have to cycle in the dark, thinking of getting the trousers as well, may look like a kammikazie bannana but thats better than lying in a pool of blood.

  octal 16:51 13 Jul 2008

It's only a matter of time before it's introduced over here to fall in line with the rest of Europe, after that you won't be able to leave home without wearing a big yellow Mr Blobby suit

"Birmingham council advises its residents that all pedestrians should ‘wear something fluorescent if walking in the daytime’."


  sunny staines 17:11 13 Jul 2008

perhaps all eec driving laws should be harmonized

  rawprawn 17:20 13 Jul 2008

I didn't really want to drive on the right in my right hand drive car.

  bremner 17:21 13 Jul 2008

I can not see the rest of europe opting to drive on the left ;o)

  rawprawn 17:26 13 Jul 2008

well, you never know -:0

  smokingbeagle 17:33 13 Jul 2008

The middle of the road?

  bremner 17:35 13 Jul 2008

chirpy chirpy cheep cheep !

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