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Reducing sugar in Childrens' Diets.

  morddwyd 06:19 01 Apr 2017

Am I wrong in thinking that reducing sugar in childrens' diets , and therefore childhood obesity, is the responsibility of parents and not the government or manufacturers, and that a grossly obese child is as much a victim of neglect as a starving one and needs petition?

  bumpkin 23:59 01 Apr 2017

Not everything, but a great deal is the fault of the parents

So when did it begin and when does it end. Generation after generation passing this down? Does it need another war to make people realize how fortunate they are despite my apparent lack of parential ability.

  Devil Fish 00:17 02 Apr 2017

Think one big thing being missed here,I was brought up 70's into early 80's i ate loads of burgers loads of ready meals drank copeus amounts of soft carbonated drinks coke lemonade etc but i was a healthy weight.How some might ask and the answer is quite simple i was active and burn't of the carbs and the calories,the problem today for sure is partly food intake ,but it has a lot to do with kids sitting in front of tv or computer and not getting out playing and running about

  Forum Editor 09:33 02 Apr 2017

Devil Fish,

"but it has a lot to do with kids sitting in front of tv or computer and not getting out playing and running about"

Indeed, it does but that is harder to tackle than simply reducing the high sugar content in processed foods, and again it's a matter for parents to address.

People who have children have a responsibility to them - children are not capable of making the kind of judgements necessary to protect their own health and well-being. They need guidance, and unfortunately large numbers of modern parents seem to think it's more important to have a good time themselves, rather than devote time and effort to bringing their children up properly. It's much easier to say yes to a request for processed foods than to cook a fresh meal, far easier to let children slop around at home with an iPad or in front of a TV than to take them to the park, or to a museum, or a walk in the country.

It's the 'me first' generation showing its true colours.

  Burn-it 15:12 02 Apr 2017

So everyone has to suffer yet again for the sake of "protection" by the Government of a few irresponsible people.

  john bunyan 15:13 02 Apr 2017

From age about 3 - 13 , for me , there was rationing. I think my age group ended up as the healthiest cohort for years. Regrettably since having to give up serious exercise (waiting for new hip and other things), a few pounds have piled on. It is clearly impossible to reintroduce rationing but maybe lessons could be learnt from the diet at that time.

  Forum Editor 22:26 02 Apr 2017


"So everyone has to suffer yet again"

How does everyone have to suffer?

  Burn-it 16:37 03 Apr 2017

Because the legislation will apply to all products. I have been a victim of legislation on the contents of food products and nearly died as a result. I have always eat healthily, but ended up in hospital because of lack of salt in my diet. I now have to ADD extra salt to all my food because manufacturers have removed it - not to mention the awful taste.

  wee eddie 19:14 03 Apr 2017

As the current Food Industries reduction of salt content has been derisory, only a couple of percent, I find Burn-it's posting unbelievable 20:20 03 Apr 2017

wee eddie

Like Burn it I too need to add extra salt.

In my case this is due to having had my large bowel completely removed. d and it is in the large bowel that most of your salt intake is adsorbed.

You should just be thankful that you do not need extra salt.

  Burn-it 21:54 03 Apr 2017

I find Burn-it's posting unbelievable

Are you accusing me of lying??

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