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Redknapp does it to another club

  Strawballs 02:03 14 Jun 2012

Will clubs not learn with this man he does not see things through

Redknapp walks

  morddwyd 07:55 14 Jun 2012

"reportedly failed to agree a new deal with chairman Daniel Levy. "

Looks like he simply wanted a pay rise but couldn't get one, or at least the one he wanted so he left, presumably to look for another job.

Nothing wrong with that, people do it every day.

  Aitchbee 09:09 14 Jun 2012

The vacant England football manager's job, for which Harry was red-hot favourite, would have been a better road for him to was the only barrier. That's my opinion.

  john bunyan 10:24 14 Jun 2012

Like many other 65 year olds. Time to gracefully retire to Sandbanks?

  spuds 10:32 14 Jun 2012

Football is a funny old game. It more of a mega buck commercial enterprise with a "do you know who I am" mentality. Sometimes this attitude fails and other times it succeeds?.

No doubt Mr Redknapp was consulting his crystal ball, when the England manager job was being mentioned, and at that time was considering his options, as perhaps were other interested parties and clubs?.

There's bound to be a vacancy or opportunity somewhere, Sven seems to be able and very capable of finding them?.

  Strawballs 12:38 14 Jun 2012

Watch for the administrators Spurs, he left Southampton they then went into administration he then left Portsmouth guess what yes they went into administration!

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