Recycling and Transportation

  peter99co 22:25 31 Aug 2008

My intention is not to discuss the tragic circumstances of this but to ask, is the waste system really this complicated.

Waste ending up in Peterborough was from Bromsgrove after starting out in wastebins in Worcester. Does our waste really travel so far?
It must cost £100's to move waste halfway across the country.

I hope the Peterborough destination is not then sending waste on again in Containers to the Far East.

  Bingalau 22:57 31 Aug 2008

Why not? If the Far Easteners are paying for it then good luck to them. I think Singapore used all of its waste to reclaim lots of land from the sea. I think they even built a new airport on it. No doubt our FE will correct me if I am spouting my usual rubbish.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:07 31 Aug 2008

The rail freight companies may a good profit from transporting waste.

Peterborough? might be an idea to move it further east.

Our east coast is "wasting" away maybe we can use the waste to "shore up" our coastline?

  laurie53 08:30 01 Sep 2008

What are the "tragic circumstances" you're not discussing?

  peter99co 10:42 01 Sep 2008

Sorry. Not up for discussion.

  egapup 10:48 01 Sep 2008

Our local council tip used to separate the usable rubbish and sell it, a private firm took over and the practice stopped, now it all goes to land fill, how stupid.

  interzone55 12:15 01 Sep 2008

this is what is not being discussed

click here

and a good thing to, because whoever dumped the baby needs help, not media attention

  anskyber 14:08 01 Sep 2008

The truth of the matter is much of the recycling debate is dressed up and justified on the basis of saving the planet, CO2 emissions, and so on.

The truth is of course that we are running out of suitable landfill sites so the slower they are filled up the better.

Such cynicism aside there are real and strong argument for recycling and counties like Switzerland and Austria can teach us a thing or two. The waste trail from disposal/recycling is not however followed through here hence some rather odd outcomes like this one.

  jack 14:36 01 Sep 2008

multifarious methods of dealing by different authorities.
For example- glass recycling by individuals sorted glass by colour in the various skips.
Now with many council contractor collections it all goes in as one- now not suitable for use as cullet in new container making - so what is it used for?
If paper collected was only clean newsprint it would be OK for reprocessing into new newsprint
but a good percentage that goes into the paper is soiled food wrappers and the like -foil lined liquids cartons are not suitable for recycling how does that get sorted?
Not all plastics are suitable for reprocessing at the moment- but not withstanding some instruction from the local authority- much of it finds its way into the recycling bins
We certainly need for more discipline for recycling to be truly effective

  laurie53 14:39 01 Sep 2008


Tragic indeed.

  Belatucadrus 15:47 01 Sep 2008

The issue of shipping waste to the far east was raised with one of our relevant council staff at a talk recently, she pointed out that we currently receive dozens of ships from China filled to the brim with all those cheap items we keep buying. They have to go back and as we aren't exporting an equivalent amount to them, they are quite happy to take the plastic back with them. It's better than running empty and it's not as if they're making a trip especially to collect it.

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