Recycling Mobile Phones

  wee eddie 11:57 12 Nov 2008

I looked into the possibility of doing this and was surprised to find that none of them are interested in the Charger at all.

I'm not even just talking of the Reselling sites on Google. So, if anyone knows of a Re-cycler who takes both the Phone & Charger, please let me know.

It seems a bit pointless to bin the Recharging Units.

  interzone55 12:28 12 Nov 2008

I'd love to know what they do with this mobiles sent for recycling...

  Quickbeam 12:35 12 Nov 2008

It's always surprised me why we need so many different charger designs. Every manufacturer uses a different plug or voltage combination.

Maybe in the interests of green/carbon footprints/cost or whatever, power charger units could be standardised. i.e. 6v uses plug type A, 9v uses plug type B etc.

Then it would become the norm to not expect a new charger with every device... and I wouldn't have a shoebox full of various chargers, cables and the like.

  interzone55 12:40 12 Nov 2008

Nokia are very good at this, they had the same charger for a good 10 years, and only changed it because the old plug was too big for the new phones.

Even better, they new charge is the same voltage as the old ones, so you only need an adaptor to convert old chargers to new phones.

Now, if they'd stop changing the pop-port for accessories life would be even better...

  royalflush 13:25 12 Nov 2008

i had a decent mobile two years ago i cant remember what type it was just that it was £200 when new & it was just one month old as it was my PAYG phone & i had just gont a contract phone, i went on to there website & they offered me just £18 for it!!
i sold it on Ebay for £85....i rest my case...

  spuds 17:01 12 Nov 2008

I generally find these mobile phone recyclers are a waste of time. A few months ago we made a collection of obsolete mobile phones for a local charity, then approached two company's who adverts quite regular. After telling them what we had, they didn't seem at all interested.

That little collection of 14 mobiles ended up at the local tip's IT recycle bin.Probably in some landfill now!.

  Monoux 17:38 12 Nov 2008

Tesco run a scheme to recycle old mobiles, If yours is a very old one old they will still recycle it but you don't get any reward as such. I had two old ones and asked in store for the envelopes they give you to send them away and was told "We haven't had any of the envelopes for months" . I gave up and threw them in with the rubbish

  Brumas 17:58 12 Nov 2008

The Cancer Research shop in Alnwick had a notice in their window asking for unwanted mobile phones so I handed in my old Philips Savvy (I had been keeping it 'just in case') complete with charger in a bag - they took it with thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 12 Nov 2008


By then its so old no one else wants the "brick"

  Pineman100 18:43 12 Nov 2008

... you forgot Grandads.

Bottom of the list. :o(

  Condom 19:35 12 Nov 2008

I'm the grand-dad and often end up as the recycle centre for my kids phones. Not as bad as it seems as I take them all to Thailand with me and give them to poor people out there who have to buy phones. They are cheap to unlock and sim cards are cheap as are calls. It is just the initial purchase which is expensive costing an average worker at least 10 weeks wages for a new phone. Much better than throwing them away and when you see the smile it makes it all woth while.

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