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Recycling of Laser Toner Cartridges

  wee eddie 17:36 30 Jan 2020

Has anyone any experience of the recycling of Laser Toner Cartridges?

I've Googled it, and am now thoroughly confused

  Gordon Freeman 13:33 31 Jan 2020

I recycle the Oki ones for my laser printer, not done one for a while though.

The toner cartridge box usually has a recycle bag in it. On the oki site there are instructions, plus you can download a free returns label from their site.

Not sure what printer you have, but for the oki recycle scheme, I pack the old toner cartridge into the recycle bag, put in box, seal, attach freepost label, take to post office, done. Quite simple once you've done it a few times.

  wee eddie 15:14 31 Jan 2020

It's a Samsung CLP325, but I got the Cartridges from Choice Stationary and they're their own brand as they were approximately 50% cheaper. Choice don't do recycling

  Belatucadrus 15:51 31 Jan 2020

This any good ?

They used to have collection bins at Currys PC World but I'm not sure if they still do this.

  mrgrumpy 16:11 31 Jan 2020

Hi eddie I have sent an email to pc world customer services for you to see if they still accept toner cartridges for recycling , I will post the reply here.

  wee eddie 21:34 31 Jan 2020

Mr G: I have just done that. Thanks for the idea

  Forum Editor 11:42 01 Feb 2020

Cuurys/PCWorld will take just about any electrical or electronic product for recycling, whether you bought the item there or not. Toner cartridges are included.

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