Recycled Christmas Cards

  morddwyd 13:32 03 Jan 2010

What happens to Christmas cards sent for re-cycling?

Are they given to a charity for refurbishing and selling, or do they just go with the rest of the waste paper?

Little point in taking them to a collection point if they might just as well go into my own blue bin.

  jack 13:43 03 Jan 2010

I think one can assume that the charity will get a few pennies more per tonne
Anyway the charity gets the dosh and not your council or its contractor.

  Forum Editor 14:24 03 Jan 2010

She cuts them into little rectangles and uses them as present labels the following year.

The problem is, she has hundreds more than she needs, and they occupy a fairly large cardboard box from year to year. Sad, I know, but it's harmless I suppose.

  wiz-king 15:18 03 Jan 2010

I find it is dificult to choose the right shade of 'tippex'. And some of the signatures - well they take up half the page. *grin*

  peter99co 15:26 03 Jan 2010

It is strange how modern cards are thrown away whilst Victorian Cards are collectors items.

Have we have let our creative standards drop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 03 Jan 2010

We have enough recycled Christmas card "labels" to supply the whole of the Midlands for the next ten years and she is still asking friends and neighbours for their old cards.


  Forum Editor 16:05 03 Jan 2010

Maybe we should start a website - there's an e-commerce opportunity here.

  morddwyd 18:21 03 Jan 2010

Thanks for the reponses, but can anybody actually answer the question posed?

  DieSse 19:07 04 Jan 2010

Well you could - by asking locally. I would think arrangements may vary from place to place.

At a tangent - we were in the UK over christmas, and (after christmas) bought 40 cards and envelopes - quite nice and perfectly usable, in a box, for 37p. Totally amazing.

  morddwyd 19:58 04 Jan 2010

"by asking locally."

Any suggestions as to whom?

  DieSse 20:43 04 Jan 2010

Since I don't live here you live, nor know what recycling you are talking about - I have absolutely no idea.

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