Recycled chicken fat - will the birds swallow it?

  Aitchbee 22:41 24 Nov 2013

I usually [but not always] skim off, then throw out, all of the fatty juices which collect in the oven-tin when ocassionally I roast a chicken ... I roast in Winter ['cos it heats my house up-a-bit on cold nights like were havin'] but steam in Summer [as it's more economical].

Anyway, what are your thoughts on feeding the wild birds at the back of my flat the aforementioned chicken fat, once it has solidified. BTW, a 2.4kg chicken produces about 0.5 kg of 'run-off' fat ... don't you know?

PS. I am currently repositioning all of my bird feeding stations, so the birds will get a surprise one of these cold mornings ... ;o)

  wee eddie 23:06 24 Nov 2013

I can't understand why you don't mix a little cornflour into the juices to make gravy. I you want to darken it, a little burnt sugar, know as Browning, will do the trick

  woodchip 23:32 24 Nov 2013

Put some bird seed in it before it goes cold

  Aitchbee 23:41 24 Nov 2013

Thanks, wee eddie, I've never tried that before ... usually [in Summer] I would make a stock with the juices to incorporate into a home-made chicken soup [using some of the chicken meat as well] ... my posting was more of an ornithalogical query, regarding the safety aspects with the wild birds that I feed, usually with proprierty brands of shop-bought bird-feed ... but thanks, all the same for that culinary tip.

Thanks woodchip ... I'll do that right now whilst its cooling down in my verandah.

  wee eddie 00:52 25 Nov 2013

If I recall, chicken fat is quite soft so it might be a good idea to cut the bottom half inch off a plastic milk bottle and pour it into that

  BT 08:24 25 Nov 2013

I make bird feeding blocks with waste fat from cooking. I pour it into a basin which I keep in the fridge. I buy a big bag of wild bird food and mix it with some of the fat melted gently in a saucepan and pack it into old Tuna tins (which I save over the year) which then sit on the bird table. Doing this gives the birds some extra calories during the cold weather and sticking the seed all together with the fat stops the birds scattering it all about.

  spuds 13:02 25 Nov 2013


Have you thought about putting "making bird balls with chicken fat" in a Google search. I have just done that, and it came up with many suggestions and ideas.

I tried making my own bird balls, with varied results, both for the birds and cost saving for myself. Went back to buying the 50 ball tubs for £5.99 for ease and 'perfection'!.

I know that you are a fan of Aldi and Llidl, and I note that the stores South of the Border are beginning to stock large bags of birdseed and other winter feed and warmers for the bird population. I have always bought bulk 20Kg bags of wild bird seed at about £12.50, I note that the Aldi price is not far from that, based on kilogram weight?.

  Aitchbee 22:13 25 Nov 2013

BT - Thanks for that advice ... I've just bought 2 sturdy wooden bird tables [with bitumen roofs ... how posh is that?] from Lidl and have also got a plentiful supply of aluminium mackerel tins to use as seed containers therein.

spuds - thanks for that info, but I can get wild-bird-seed [12.5kg for £4.99 a bag] & fat-balls [510g, 6 in-a-bag, for 49p], from B&M. [Scotland]

PS. I noticed a group of starlings, this afternoon, clinging and behaving as if they were 'tree-creepers' [to the trunk of a tree], and pecking at the bark like 'woodpeckers' ... or were they just carving their initials ... I wonder.

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