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Reckless idiots should pay for rescue

  john bunyan 18:44 11 Feb 2020

Four people wearing trainers, with no map, compass nor adequate clothes nor cold weather kit were rescued by the mountain rescue team from the summit of Ben Nevis. They would have perished without rescue by others risking their lives. A helicopter was needed to take them to hospital.

Now, I am all in favour of adventure training etc and have run many activities such a canoeing, diving, mountain work etc. One must check the weather forecast, have the right kit, have good communication equipment and a self arranged safety .

People who fragrantly ignore basic rules such as no life jackets at sea in small boats, no maps or basic survival kit in mountain terrain , or ignore weather forecasts should, in my view , be asked to pay for their rescue. An ad hoc local committee could decide such things.

Ben Nevis idiots

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 11 Feb 2020

Plus the idiot windsurfer rescued by the Hastings lifeboat in storm Ciara

  Dunk 19:07 11 Feb 2020

I'm not sure anyone could disagree with that, john, but we know the world is awash with idiots who think they know more about coping with weather conditions than experts.

  qwbos 19:24 11 Feb 2020

The 15 minute taxi ride and who needs a map when you have an app?

Sadly, all too common an occurrence and, unlike Norway, nobody's thought on charging these idiots.

Sadly, they're not the only people that aren't too bright. Had to laugh especially "Mark Arndt, of Forth Bridges Unit with Amey, said the closure was caused by a "unique set of weather conditions"."

It's called winter.

  Brumas 21:37 11 Feb 2020

Though not quite on the same scale I certainly think the idiotic motorists and pedestrians, who try to cross to and from Lindisfarne, outside the safe crossing times should also pay a large fine. Quite often the Coastguard and the lifeboat are called out to rescue the chumps, who have climbed to safety in the central refuge!

The tide tables showing safe crossing times are displayed quite prominently yet still they think they know better, they think they are crossing a village ford - its the North Sea for God's sake and it doesn't take prisoners!!

  BT 23:37 11 Feb 2020

Went up Ben Nevis once, the easy route, and on that day there was a school party of about 15 about 14 year olds doing it as well. It was in May and the weather wasn't particularly good, raining which turned to snow about half way up. The kids were not dressed for it, some of the girls were wearing shorts and all of them only thin plastic Kagouls for protection. We actually gave up before the top as the snow was getting too bad but they went on and when they eventually got back to the Youth Hostel were all very cold and wet.

  Cymro. 11:15 12 Feb 2020

Living as I do on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park this is something that happens all too often. We locals depend on tourism but fools like these are not welcomed.

  john bunyan 13:01 12 Feb 2020

It’s not just Ben Nevis, others here have mentioned others. Maybe the rescue services should be helped by pro bono legal people to recover costs from the blatant cases like the windsurfer and the Ben Nevis group .

Some people rely on a phone signal as their only means of navigation and emergency support. Maybe by laws should be brought in for hot spots of idiocy so blatant cases of lack of equipment or preparation could be fined

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 12 Feb 2020

On our visit to Lindisfarne some years ago w ent into a cafe and the first thing the locals said to us was "Do you know what time tide comes in" in a menacing tone :0)

After our tea and cake we left before the tide and watch with several others from the car park. plenty of people pushing their luck an of course luck ran out for one car (Metro) as it stalled, and two big lads got out an pushed it to the bridge where the Phone is. We all watched as water rose above the number plate then above the wheels and then the car started floating.

Helicopter arrived and winched the lads and woman driver from the hut and landed them in the field next to the car park.

Always wonder how she explained to her husband how the car was floating across the north sea toward Norway?


  john bunyan 21:23 15 Feb 2020

Another one today. A 19 year old thrill seeker went into the sea at Herne Bay. Lifeboat no doubt risked their lives and his parents are grieving - there seems no end to stupidity

Herne Bay

  qwbos 14:14 17 Feb 2020

And so it goes on. Insurance to cover recovery costs seems the best solution. And if you don't have insurance, you'll need deep pockets.

As far as I'm aware, if you're involved in an accident where a vehicle's involved, some hospital costs can be recovered from the insurer. Yet these idiots get everything laid on including a helicopter for free.

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