A recent TV ad says "Car Tax" there is no way to

  pj123 14:41 17 May 2008

get away from it.

So why are there still lots of cars on the road without Car Tax?

If, as they say, they know who you are, why haven't they caught up with you yet?

  Forum Editor 14:53 17 May 2008

people drive untaxed cars that are not registered in their name, so they don't get any letters or fines from DVLA. They drive along with no tax until one day they are stopped in a roadside Police check, and then they are nabbed.

  crosstrainer 15:23 17 May 2008

Or they are reported to the local police, giving location of the vehicle and it's registration number.....This is a pet hate of mine, untaxed car's are also uninsured, and often un-mot'd.

I have reported a number of vehicles in this way, and I will continue to do so. We pay, we have to.

  pj123 15:25 17 May 2008

It has to be registered in somebody's name though, doesn't it?

Even if it was the last owner. Then surely the DVLA can trace it from there?

eg. if I sell my car and the person I sell it does not register it in their name the DVLA still has it in my name? All they have to do is ask me who I sold it to?

  crosstrainer 15:34 17 May 2008

The cars I reported were removed the same day. As far as the Police were concerned, they were not taxed, and illegal....Engine numbers (on the engine block) can help the DVLA trace owners, but these are often filed off (also an offence)

  Ranger 16:03 17 May 2008

I have twice traded cars into a local well known national car dealers and have received fines throught the post for them being untaxed months down the line

  Pamy 16:12 17 May 2008

Usually when you sell a car YOU are responsible for sending the details of the sale to the DVLA.

Like most of these things, TV licences etc. they are able to catch the usually law abiding person that slips up in not paying on time, easy peasy money.

  Belatucadrus 16:34 17 May 2008

Also because the police have localised purges, because they haven't hit your area yet doesn't mean they aren't going to. Apparently in some areas a lot of folks convinced it'd never happen to them got a bit of a surprise when it did.

  Forum Editor 16:54 17 May 2008

Yes, provided you know.

When you sell a vehicle you may be given a completely false name and address, as many people are.

  Forum Editor 16:56 17 May 2008

Police tax-checking vehicles are becoming quite a common sight on London streets, as are organised Police vehicle checks.

  anchor 16:58 17 May 2008

To my way of thinking a much more serious offence is driving the vehicle with no insurance.

No one, (except the exchequer), is harmed by not having a road tax, but anyone can be very seriously effected by having an accident with a uninsured vehicle.

This is why is some countries, (e.g. France & Spain), one has to display a small valid insurance sticker on the windscreen. Perhaps its a good idea that the UK should adopt.

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