Rebekah Brooks arrested by hacking police

  john 52 18:29 17 Jul 2011
  zzzz999 18:45 17 Jul 2011
  john 52 19:05 17 Jul 2011

Very true fourm member

  interzone55 19:20 17 Jul 2011

I'm thinking that the police have arrested her deliberately to stymie the commons questioning, as there's some quite damaging questions to be answered about payments to serving police officers...

  Legolas 13:16 19 Jul 2011

Got to agree with the above response. Her lawyer said that the police had made no formal allegations and had shown no proof of any involvement in the phone hacking affair, so the cynic in me would suggest that by arresting her the police have done a great job of making her appearance (if she appears) at the planned Select Committee a non event and would prevent her from saying anything that might give further proof of police collusion in the whole affair. As I said the cynic in me might say that but I wouldn't dream of it.

  wee eddie 14:06 19 Jul 2011


  wee eddie 15:36 19 Jul 2011

I'm sure that the Murdoch's performance will be well thought out, choreographed and practised. Every possible question will have been planned for, over the last few days and whatever way they appear to react will be part of that plan.

Remember Fred The Shred's pre-Senile Dementia Defence, funny how that seems to have disappeared since he was acquitted!

  bremner 17:34 19 Jul 2011

Am I the only person who is disappionted that Murdoch left his white cat behind.

  Joseph Kerr 17:41 19 Jul 2011

Fewer people may want to move against him now, thanks to some idiot with some shaving foam.

  morddwyd 07:22 20 Jul 2011

"I expect to see institutional shareholders in News Corp move against him based on this performance."

News Corp shares rise 6%

Still means an overall drop, but any action should be tinged with caution- he is still mighty powerful.

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