The really don't want to lose

  Kevscar1 14:26 21 Oct 2013

Judicial review is on friday because their solicitor couldn't beat a cripple with mental problems this time I have to face council, not only that but there documants contain hearsay and falsified entries does no one actually care about the truth and justice anymore. Sorry got no one to talk to about this, can't tell June she's a nervous wreck about it anyway

  spuds 15:50 21 Oct 2013

Was there no follow up or further help after your appearance in Parliament?.

  Forum Editor 16:06 21 Oct 2013

"does no one actually care about the truth and justice anymore."

Yes, lots of people do, but what you have to understand is that your idea of truth and justice is certainly going to be coloured by your particular circumstances. You want a specific result, and you can't accept that it may not be achievable. I hope it is, but hope isn't much good in this situation.

Talking about people falsifying documents isn't particularly helpful is it? I would have thought it better to concentrate on the core issue here, which seems to me to be the reticence displayed by the medical profession to recognise your condition for what it is. It's a fact, regrettable though it is, that often people like you don't fully reap the benefits of their actions.

Good luck on Friday, if I might offer one word of advice it would be to take it easy with the accusations of falsification unless you have very specific and strong evidence. Focus instead on what you really want from this - you're only going to get one chance at this.

  Kevscar1 01:48 22 Oct 2013

Thanks FE I have documnetary evidence that the medical records were falsified, the correct documents before they were got at. 7 documnets put before the Police Medical Appeals Board that show with out a doubt this condition is incurable which they totally ignored, proof they broke the contract by not having an expert on the panel.

Spuds the Parlimentary thing is still ongoing, Mr Lamb has still not replied to the paper he told me to put together

Post edited by FE 22/10/13

  Forum Editor 14:40 22 Oct 2013

I have edited your last post because it contained a very serious allegation with regard to a member of the legal profession. Unless you can produce incontrovertible proof to show that what you said is true you could find yourself in very hot water if you repeat the allegation at the review.

I caution you to be very careful indeed about this. Saying that a person knowingly did something is extremely difficult to prove, and unless you can do it you will expose yourself to a potential libel action.

Stick to provable facts if you are going to challenge lawyers.

  Kevscar1 03:57 23 Oct 2013

FE I have documentary evidence and the solicitor has already been reported to the Professional Standards Committee

  HondaMan 07:41 23 Oct 2013

I wish you luck and I must echo FE's words of wisdom. You do not want to make a bad situation worse and risk sounding fanatical (may be the wrong word at this hour of the day).

You may want to check the position regards privileged statements

  Forum Editor 15:02 23 Oct 2013

Please do not risk prejudicing the outcome of your review by publishing any further comments about what you intend to say or do.

Take the advice I've offered, and keep your powder dry. I'm sure we all want to see you get a favourable outcome, but that isn't going to happen if you persist in making allegations of legal malpractice in a web forum. I can't stress it enough, so please heed what I've said.

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