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  morddwyd 08:28 23 Dec 2016

A disabled girl has to travel in the luggage compartment to her much anticipated Christmas visit. Scotrail say they're sorry, she should never have been allowed on the train in the first place!

"click here can legislate all you want, but some attitudes remain firmly fixed in Victorian time.


  Forum Editor 11:11 23 Dec 2016

"the station master could simply have offered her a taxi to her destination."

The problem is, people have become terrified to use their initiative in circumstances like this, because there are so many rules and regulations, and an increasingly litigious society.

Scotrail's spokesperson made matters worse with his offhand response. The correct way to respond at that point would have been a sincere apology, backed up with an offer of a full fare refund. Instead, he became defensive, and inferred that it was somehow the family's fault - they could have avoided the problem if they just got on a later train.

Badly handled by Scotrail from beginning to end.

  Forum Editor 12:03 23 Dec 2016


"I'm sure recompense will be forthcoming"

Not according to the reports. I'm sure that Scotrail would have said so in their subsequent statement - the one that came after they knew the story was going to be in the papers, the one in which they acknowledged this could have been handled better.

From what has been reported it was exactly as black and white as it seems, and was bungled from beginning to end -let's just leave it at that. It happens in lots of organisations.

  Forum Editor 16:03 23 Dec 2016

"I'm surprised that you seem to know that no recompense will be forthcoming."

There you go, putting words into my mouth again. I do not know that recompense will not be forthcoming, and I didn't say that.

What I said - and it's commonsense really - is that if Scotrail was going to make a fare refund I would have thought it would happen at an early stage, and there has been no reference to it happening in Scotrail's official statement.

As far as not believing what was said in the Sun goes - what more do you think there could be to this? The dialogue with Scotrail is out there, on Scotrail's Facebook page. If there was more to say, don't you think the company would have said it by now?

I know you are desperate to find a way to make the company look better in this, but don't you think it best to leave it now? It was very badly handled by Scotrail, and they have admitted as much.

  morddwyd 19:41 23 Dec 2016

The law requires "seasonable provision". It was not offered. The organisation is responsible, not the staff.

I'm pretty sure that most of the comments made have not been made from a position of personal knowledge.

While 99% of people are kind I face such discrimination, not to say humiliation, at leas once a week.

No-one expects disabled access to the top of The Monument, but no-ne expects to be locked in a cage either.

I recently visited, or tried to visit one of the grander hotels in St Andrews. I was told I needed to telephone in advance so that they could have staff available to help me, and they regarded that as "reasonable provision". I ccan understand an airport or an airline making such a request, but not a simple hotel.

I don't want to be "helped", I just want to pop into the Dining Room for a coffee. I can do it in Morrisons, why not a five star hotel?

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