Is the real music dying ?

  al's left peg 08:36 23 Jun 2012

Hi guys, I was fortunate enough to witness Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play at the Stadium of light on Thursday. This is the second time I have seen him, the last time being 1985 on his Born In The USA tour. On Thursday he was on stage for roughly around 3 hours and 20 minutes and it was a fantastic show. No flashy stage set up, no pyrotechnics just a man and his music playing his way through a 30 odd year career.

Last night I watched another great performer on TV, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live at the rain sodden Isle of Wight Festival. Again this guy, although in his 60's put on a great performance with a band that have been with him for most of his career.

Recently reported was that the Rolling Stones are preparing for one last hurrah, due to old age and failing health. I had a conversation with a colleague and fellow music lover and we are both in agreement that there is not much coming through to replace or take on the mantel of these great bands once they have gone.

As I have a wide interest in many musical genres, I would be interested in any opinions as to who they think will have any longevity in the music industry or has the king of "auto tune" Cowell ruined the music industry beyond repair?

Cheers, Al

  Aitchbee 09:15 23 Jun 2012

All of the performers you mentioned have 'presence' (...take out Cowell).

Springsteen, Petty, & The Stones all write their own material (mostly) and are still 'evergreen' in fans' eyes 'n' ears.

I get I real 'kick' when my guitarist little brother visits me, picks up my acoustic guitar and plays, just for me.

  QuizMan 11:16 23 Jun 2012

Although it is sometimes nice to reminisce, I rarely do that musically. I would much rather listen to the current stuff. We're not talking Radio 1 here, but groups and artists on the folk-rock scene. There is plenty there to keep me entertained. Mumford & Sons are excellent, so is Laura Marling to name but two.

For some reason I have never been a fan of Springsteen. It is hard to say why, for the same reason I cannot explain why I like coffee but my wife doesn't. It is just one of those things. I have never seen him live, except live on TV, and I've been to enough rock concerts over the years to know that is not the same.

The best live concert that I have seen in recent years by far was Afro Celt Sound System at the Barbican in London last year.

  rickf 11:30 23 Jun 2012

Watch this, a breadth of fresh air from a young american r&b band. They recently had a successful tour of the UK.

Also search the Derek Trucks Band.

I actually wrote quite a bit to this discussion but lost it when I went to copy and paste the link above. Will try again later as it's a subject very close to my heart.

  spuds 11:42 23 Jun 2012

Music tastes takes all shapes, and someone liking the old timers might not consider them worthy, yet a band or group with a struggling lifespan might be on top of the list. Every year I see adverts for UK holiday camps that are advertising well known names of perhaps yesteryear.

On a personal note, I purchase quite a number of CD's from the likes of Amazon or even the Salvation Army charity shop. Some of the musicians names I have never heard of before, but at the price I pay its worth a turn on the player. And some great surprises can be found.

Recently I obtained some more 1st releases, including 'own productions', and some great sounds were achieved, and well worth adding to a collection, but alas they will go no further than that (possibly Simon Cowell wasn't interested either?).

One particular name that as become my more recent favourite is Alannah Myles, because of her style range, and I was very surprised to hear that she appears to have had a short music career. But then again Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) who I know personally had problems in his music career, and re-surfaced to the pleasure of his many followers.

  Condom 12:16 23 Jun 2012

One man's meat is another man's poison. We are all different and so are our likes. Normally as we age our tastes can also change. In all this stew some people just shine through and stand the test of time. Some others with great talent whither and vanish.

Who is to say who is best as it is all in the eye of the beholder. I still listen to bands from my middle years like Barclay James Harvest, Boston & Journey whilst I seldom listen to the Beatles from my teen years despite being an avid collector of everything they ever released.

I can't say I particularly like most of the current dance stuff but there is still some talent out there...somewhere.

  al's left peg 13:47 23 Jun 2012

RickF, I can remember the band Alabama Shakes from a recent Later with Jools Holland performance. The Later shows throw up some good artists. I remember a guy called Trombone Shorty on there and he was great.

The thing I feel though is there is not enough commercial interest from record companies and radio stations in my view to put these real proper artists to the fore. Most commercial radio is just that, commercial. I have a thing with my teenage daughter when we are in the car. She will turn off my Stiff Little Fingers CD to listen to Capital radio and Cheryl Cole. I will flick it onto the next commercial station and Cheryl Cole will be singing the same song on there.

Years ago John Peel would bring new artists to the masses or try to in a similar vein that the Later shows do but in my opinion there is not enough of it. Proper music and proper artists are suffocated and drowned out by the relentless talentless pap churned out by Cowell and his "you owned that stage" stooges.

Anybody that has not seen Bruce Springsteen live here is a track from his show at Hard Rock Calling Hyde Park in 2010. If you like rock music and this does not move you, I doubt anything will.

  rickf 16:16 23 Jun 2012

al's left peg I could'nt agree more. However, it also seems to me that it has something to do with musical taste of the young in this country. Also there is a huge difference between pop and rock that is deeply embedded in rhythm and blues. The later seems to have logevity and a musical history to their development. There is also I think a tremendous gap in taste between the young here and those in the US.

Bands like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, B. B. king, Albert King, Little Feat (after the death of George Lowell) to name but a few are still touring in the US. Over here we have Bad Company still going. Robin Trowell is doing very well in the US and the Continent. Chicken Shack is still playing in the West Country churning out real rock blues. The other genre is that of heavy metal which is alive and well and most playing real music. Bands like Dreamtheatre, Iron Maiden etc';

Unfortunately, the moneymen who are in control will be the death of real music. As an example, my kid was playing in a metal band, the name of which I will not mention here, which was doing very well in London and then toured the UK was about to be signed by a record label when the accountants/ moneymen decided to change the the band's lineup.The group had been together for 4/5yrs earning musical credibility only to be disbanded and reformed by the label and a change of name, not becuase of the level of musical knowledge and abilities but personalities.The bass player, the drummer and the keyboard player were replaced by some outsiders and friends and relatives of the moneymen's connections. Only 2 of the original members remained which turned it into a substantially different band. Sorry, did'nt mean to bore you all with this more personal bit.

  Belatucadrus 17:18 23 Jun 2012

Watch out for this band of up and coming young guys, they could go far Click Here

  Aitchbee 18:22 23 Jun 2012

rickf ... I could be wrong, but Robin Trower, the topman guitarist may have been who you meant.

  Kevscar1 19:28 23 Jun 2012

Not while chuck berry lives

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