Ready for when the lights go out?

  Forum Editor 11:47 18 Nov 2005

I hope that I am - check out my blog for more...

  watchful 12:53 18 Nov 2005

I'll have to make do with the candles and the cats and the PC must take its chances.

Nothing of great import in my files anyway :o)

  gudgulf 13:04 18 Nov 2005

I'll be just fine.........I've got plenty of candles,a cat and a whole personal library of books.
I've also got an external hard drive which gets regular whole system backups put on it and is only connected when used.

So I'll be staying snug (and smug) come what may.

  recap 13:12 18 Nov 2005

I just hope they don't turn the supply off this Sunday. I have my final course work to complete, so I have chosen Sunday to do this.

  Chegs ®™ 13:33 18 Nov 2005

As we are "lucky enough" to have the worlds biggest nuclear dustbin less than 15 miles from here,that also produces lots of lecky(if they ever get permission to switch it back on)I hope we won't suffer power outages.Although back in the 70's,we still had to endure power cuts,so if its on the cards it will happen here to.We're also awaiting a decision from Whitehall on planning consent to build 36 massive Wind Turbines (386Ft high) less than two miles away,despite these devices being very poor/expensive things to use for power generation. :-(

  spuds 14:12 18 Nov 2005

Call me pessimistic, but its got to happen. Wrong leaves, wrong type of snow, perhaps it will be stated next that too many people use electric at peak times.Oh for the Dark Ages and Third World enterprises.

  ventanas 14:23 18 Nov 2005

Two cats, but no candles. Oh, and a UPS.

  €dstowe 15:21 18 Nov 2005

Since moving my all into rural surroundings I have power cuts almost daily, well, weekly.

Soon after my move I invested in a generator at home which gives 5KW of nice, smooth 220V AC. It does take a few moments to get going in the event of disruption so I have a UPS to look after my computers. At the studio I have a similar arrangement but the generator is bigger, and each computer has its own UPS.

Also, as every regular must know, I have a full complement of backups to cater to the worst coming to the worst.

Talking of backups (don't groan) have you done yours recently?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:39 18 Nov 2005

click here

Read it right to the end, talk of power cuts seam to me like scare mongering.

  sunny staines 17:39 18 Nov 2005

The rest of the world are building nuclear reactors to prepare for when gas & oil become scarce and all we seem to build is a couple of windturbines.
If no one sorts this out we could be in for regular power cuts, just think of the gamble it will dowloading updates and flashing the bios.

  ade.h 17:56 18 Nov 2005

See my post to the aforementioned blog to read why it is so important that your PC has a reliable power source. What happened to my dad's home-business PC could happen to anyone's PC. I certainly don't want to go through the hassle of re-installing and configuring the OS and a bunch of applications again for the sake of £100 outlay. The cost of replacing two hard-disks was more than that at £140.

A power cut is not going to kill the hard-disks in every set of circumstamces, of course; his neighbour was lucky and didn't have any problems. But is it worth the risk?

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