Reading Festival comes around again

  Clapton is God 11:09 23 Aug 2019

I was horrified to see an article on the BBC website today about "Six must-see (c)rap artists at Reading and Leeds this year".

I went to the Reading Festival for several years during the 1970s when it was a festival featuring only real artistes and real music, hence its name - The National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival.

So Reading and Leeds now feature this (c)rap music. What has the world come to??

  Belatucadrus 19:39 23 Aug 2019

The da yoof of today, don't know what they're missing. I can remember a bloke at the first monsters of rock, clearly been smoking the old wacky baccy, meandering about in lime green leggings with black polka dots and a vacant grin, scooping up big handfuls of mud then lobbing it into the air and letting it rain down on him. Mind you on second thoughts they probably maintained that tradition even if they've ditched the Patchouli oil and Wimpy burgers,

  Quickbeam 21:07 23 Aug 2019

I've just realised that it's taken 40 years to discover that what I thought was Petunia oil is actually Patchouli oil!

Or as we called it then, heavy metal perfume...

  Forum Editor 17:30 26 Aug 2019

"it was a festival featuring only real artistes and real music"

What do you think the older generation said about rock 'n roll, back in 1951, when Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston released 'Rocket 88' - the track that most rock historians say was the first rock 'n roll record?

They said much the same as you are saying about Rap music.

What you call real music was referred to as noisy, tuneless rubbish sixty years ago.

  Menzie 20:32 26 Aug 2019

As someone who listens to rap I find Rock Music sounds like someone accidentally stepped on the tail of a cat and recorded it.

The Rap of my youth is finely crafted music with samples and quite literally is poetic in the delivery of the words.

Not sure what kind of rap the OP listened to but it certainly doesn't describe the stuff I listen to.

  Forum Editor 22:40 26 Aug 2019

As ever, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we all liked the same music the world would be a very boring place.

It's not really such a good idea to refer to something as rubbish, simply because you don't like it yourself.

  Menzie 23:02 26 Aug 2019

Precisely, it's possible to like different things.

I do find I get some interesting looks for some of the songs I play. I sometimes listen to orchestral music when in the car.

I listen and enjoy a lot of different genres myself. Music is important to me, which is why I have the setup I do at home and in the car.

  WhirlingRound 00:57 27 Aug 2019

It's not really such a good idea to refer to something as rubbish, simply because you don't like it yourself.

There are many pieces of music I don't like, but they are still of excellent musical merit (melody, construction, choice of sounds, story it tells). I don't refer to them as rubbish. the Late Whitney Houston is an example: an excellent soul singer who had many hits, of which I like only a few.

Some of today's modern chart music IS rubbish. Vocals so over-processed I cannot make out the lyrics, and auto-tuned so much a stylophone would sound better. It almost screams at me. I have heard it but try not to listen too often. If you ask me how such a 'song' goes, you'd get a blank look.

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