Reading Festival comes around again

  Clapton is God 11:09 23 Aug 2019

I was horrified to see an article on the BBC website today about "Six must-see (c)rap artists at Reading and Leeds this year".

I went to the Reading Festival for several years during the 1970s when it was a festival featuring only real artistes and real music, hence its name - The National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival.

So Reading and Leeds now feature this (c)rap music. What has the world come to??

  wee eddie 11:42 23 Aug 2019

Rap makes the "tills" ring. Bottom line is that a festival must, at the very least, cover its costs or even make a profit

  oresome 11:48 23 Aug 2019

Not something I'm interested in, but I am within earshot on occasions if the wind is in the right direction. I live several miles away from the Leeds festival.

The weather's looking good at the moment so I hope they all have an enjoyable and safe time there irrespective of the quality of the music.

  Pablo de Catio 14:17 23 Aug 2019

I would imagine that the organisers are there to attract a young audience with cash in their pocket, just as they did in your heyday. The older generation of the 70's would have tut tutted about the groups of that time.

I cannot imagine a large group of wrinkles with arthritic hips, perched on zimmer frames trying to look cool to the music of long ago. tic

  wee eddie 14:50 23 Aug 2019

Pablo - A bit like Glasto then!

  Belatucadrus 15:10 23 Aug 2019

As far as I'm concerned there was only one rap artist worth consideration and that's Gil Scott-Heron but he's dead so I doubt he's performing this year.

  Quickbeam 16:10 23 Aug 2019

My first Reading was 1975, a classic vintage indeed.

My personal most influential band was Hawkwind that led to a lifelong love of weirdo rock!

  Belatucadrus 16:46 23 Aug 2019

Quickbeam did you ever see Stacia ? Unfortunately I didn't get to see The Hawks until 79 by which time she was long gone.

  Quickbeam 18:16 23 Aug 2019


Did I! 18, first festival , strange substances, strange people, strange experiences, strange times...

  Belatucadrus 19:12 23 Aug 2019

Jammy bugger !

  Quickbeam 19:18 23 Aug 2019

Stacia, the smell of what passed for food in the '70s, the smell of Tartan bitter, the smell of weed, the smell of petunia oil the smell of tens of thousands of 3 day unwashed... I remember it all like it was yesterday, strangely remembering yesterday is harder the older you get...

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