Read your e-mails before you send

  mbc 12:49 16 Nov 2015

A little light humour.

This morning I ordered some ink from an on-line shop, and decided to check my past orders. I discovered that some weeks ago two orders had been placed for an item on the same day and had been marked as cancelled. I did not recognise this item, so, bearing in mind hacking etc, I e-mailed the shop detailing this, saying ".....I have no recollection of this. Should I be concerned?" Only after sending this did I realise it had two meanings. Anyone would be concerned at memory loss. Can only imagine the mirth at the other end.

Anyone else suffer a 'senior moment'?

  bumpkin 13:13 16 Nov 2015

A little light humour.

Can't we skip that and get straight onto mental illness.

  spuds 16:01 16 Nov 2015

"Anyone else suffer a 'senior moment'?"

Often, but at times you need to be very careful on what you say or do, and how other people might react.

  lotvic 18:23 16 Nov 2015


  cruiser2 16:14 17 Nov 2015

I was going to reply but I seem to have forgotten my password.

  Pine Man 16:29 17 Nov 2015

What was the question?

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