To read or not to read...

  User-323DD18A-7F3A-40CB-831552A08EC2790E 23:29 13 Nov 2004

I have noticed in recent weeks that a lot of people are responding to peoples problems without reading the other suggestions given. This can often lead to long and confusing threads. Or is it just me?

  powerless 23:33 13 Nov 2004

It's common.

Besides there is usually more than one way to solve a problem.

  Forum Editor 23:39 13 Nov 2004

is that people read about the problem and post their suggested solution without necessarily reading all the other posts in the thread. I'm sometimes guilty of it myself, particularly if the thread has many other posts. If I'm in a hurry (and I often am) I don't always take the time to read throught the thread.

Another cause of the 'twinning' of solutions is that two people may have the thread open on their screens at the same time. They both type an answer, and both post to the thread. Then both responses appear almost simultaneously.

I suppose that two or three similar answers are a reassuring sign in any case - they're probably going to be right.

  kev.Ifty 01:44 14 Nov 2004

From a purely personal point of view. I find this Forum an excellent way to practise my written English.

Trying to get across my point in a concise and understandable way is, for me, a challenge.

I suffered (for want of a better word) with a form of dyslexia, as a child. I still have to stop and think for a few minutes after each sentence, to make sure that i am making sense.

My biggest fault, when replying, is trying not to start my next sentence with BUT.

But i can't think of anything else! But! i do read the original post and endeavour to keep my answer relevant to the Poster's question.

In the time it takes to type an answer, i find, occasionally that someone has already posted their answer and 'beaten me to the punch'.

'But' i do agree...... It is obvious that sometimes people don't seem to understand, the original question, or some of the answers, and end up going off on a tangent. Don't forget that when a person is reading a thread it can be easy to misinterpret a question if it ain't said proper!;-)

We are all trying to help. Some are more trying than others :-) which is were FE comes in......

If we all took a minute to consider our answers before posting, well, it would probably get a bit boring!!

Happy Posting Kev.

PS: I have reread my post 3 times and i bet you can find a mistake that i couldn't.

  spuds 11:38 14 Nov 2004

I generally find that my slow typing,rechecking and finally 'Post response' takes many minutes. In that time someone else as perhaps already answered the question,without my knowledge. In some cases it doe's look as though you have copied the advice on the previous response, but as stated this is more due to slowness than anything else.

  Dorsai 14:25 14 Nov 2004

A handy, if undocumented feture of Firefox is that i can type this into the box, and when i have finished, and am happy with what i have typed, hit 'reload current page'. the page is updated, compleate with any new posts that have been made while i was typing.

Then as long as my post is still relevent, i hit 'post responce'.

It does not stop me hitting post at the same time as someone else, but does mean that if i take 15 mins finding somting out on the web, i dont post the same answer 15min after someone else.

  Forum Editor 14:57 14 Nov 2004

I don't think it's that important to present your contributions in a perfect state. Provided other people can understand what you mean.......and they can, I wouldn't worry too much about the presentation of your text. Your input is more important to us than your prose.

Certain thread subjects attract many people quite quickly. Regular forum members will know what I mean - there are some subjects that seem more inviting than others, particularly when you're used to a regular diet of familiar subjects. When these threads hit the page I can almost hear the sound of multiple keyboards being tapped as several people hurry to get their responses online as quickly as possible. That's when we see multiple posts along much the same lines, all appearing within a few minutes of each other. It's part of the fun of the forum I suppose, and nobody should get too concerned about spelling and grammar - it's the content that counts.

  stalion 21:01 14 Nov 2004

never look for mistakes in posts just try to help with the problem.You never know if someone has a disability or is not English and as I am not very fluent in other languages I admire any attempt at ours.

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