RE: Welcoming iPods and PSPs in schools

  JoE. 21:12 05 Dec 2006

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Apparently the software will "encourage children to download learning material to their portable player before listening to it on the bus home".

My GCSE German teacher recorded speaking examination type questions onto CD for our class last year, and when she suggested putting the recording onto one's mp3 player, the class laughed!

It seems to me that sometimes, despite all they say and do, the suits don't understand what is effective as far as the kids are concerned. In this case they seem to think it's socially 'cool' to listen to work on the bus home.

Your thoughts?

JoE :o)

  Sir Radfordin 21:16 05 Dec 2006

I'm not aware of any style of teaching/learning that is actually seen as 'cool' and not sure it should be. This is about using technology in a new way to achieve something. You can't force someone to learn - there still needs to be a desire to listen and be taught for any method to have an impact.

A number of University courses are starting to provide podcasts to support/enchance the learning and I doubt they're doing it for the gimick factor.

How would you like to learn?

  JoE. 21:27 05 Dec 2006

For A-level and upwards, when there is more of, as you say, a desire to listen and be taught? I can't see it having much success at my old secondary school, esp. with the current 'chav' culture there.

With regards to how I'd like to learn, I'd prefer to be part of a group, so that we could share ideas and thoughts on the subject, and make sure that one another had a full understanding of it. I can't see watching a demonstration alone on an iPod as being my cup of tea really. Everyone to their own, though.

JoE :o)

  wee eddie 14:48 06 Dec 2006

Some kids will, some won't listen to a lecture on their player.

My guess is that the same kids that listen in class will also be the ones that use their player to do a little light homework.

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