Re swallows & Swifts thread, what about Bats!

  Blackhat 15:09 30 Sep 2012

I have lived in the same house in suburban Birmingham for 25 years and usually get the Swifts & Swallows every year but this year I have a cloud of Bats instead.

Never seen a bat around here before, any reason I should get them this year?

The video link might work, poor quality & a bit boring but 1st time using video function on my DSLR.

Video of bats

  Blackhat 15:13 30 Sep 2012

Don't know what happened with the spelling in the title, copied from word file that was OK.

  Forum Editor 15:27 30 Sep 2012

If you have a cloud of bats the chances are strong that they are roosting nearby. All bats are protected by law, and you commit a criminal offence if you disturb or destroy their roosting site, or do anything to stop or hinder their access to it.

Keep you fingers crossed that they haven't decided to occupy your roof space.

  spuds 17:36 30 Sep 2012

Birmingham City council in conjunction with other bodies did a bat survey in 2006, and still might be involved in bat conservation projects. Perhaps worth contacting them for more information and advice?.

Failing that, you could try who will offer advice and possible contacts in your area.

Remember, even handling bats in the UK can lead to possible prosecution unless you are qualified-trained and have an appropriate licence. Its surprising how some people never know about bat roosts in their area, until they catch the odd sightings or read of a possible demolition that a find as been made.

If you want to see and photograph some big bat roosts outside the UK, then perhaps Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur might be a starting point?.

  Aitchbee 17:38 30 Sep 2012

If I was considering a loft conversion to my house and it just so happened that bats had decided to make their homes in the attic [all hypothetical], would I then be unable to go ahead with the improvement(s) to my house because of the flying furry creatures?

  spuds 18:09 30 Sep 2012

Aitchbee - Yes, you would need to get expert advice and approval before commencing or completing the work.

But some people including company's might ignore this 'pleading ignorance', with possible heavy prosecutions later?.

  muddypaws 20:04 30 Sep 2012

No bats seen around our bungalows, but

might as well jump to another night creature!

Seen on our patio trellis a month or so ago. Escaped from his local cage.

Two second exposure, no flash ( didn't want to blind it or frighten it off before the owner arrived.) through

bedroom window hence photo quality:

Eagle Owl

  morddwyd 21:51 30 Sep 2012

"Remember, even handling bats in the UK can lead to possible prosecution"

And rabies!

  wiz-king 05:46 01 Oct 2012

I have a few bats flying around at my stables for years, never managed to find where they come from. I think they must have a roost in a hollow tree or in some old WW2 air defence bunkers in the woods out the back. Been there all the time I have had the stables - last 30 years.

  Bing.alau 11:32 01 Oct 2012

I thought this thread was about mother in laws. (or should that be mothers in law)

  Forum Editor 11:36 01 Oct 2012


"(or should that be mothers in law)"

Yep, it should.

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