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Re-furbishing alloy wheels on cars

  bumpkin 13:36 25 Apr 2016

Have any of you had this done or even done it yourselves. Mine have a few marks where I have kerbed it and I wuold like to tidy them up if possible. I would think it is a matter of get what you pay for but wondered if anyone has experience of it, ie costs and results.

  martd7 13:56 25 Apr 2016

Watch wheeler dealers Ed china refurbs a lot of alloy wheels:)

  john bunyan 14:00 25 Apr 2016

Yes. Had it done by local repair shop; I think £65 per wheel. If you have a Protyre agency , they do it also, about £60 per wheel but may have to send car to another depot - in the South Micheldever. Google them

  muddypaws 16:08 25 Apr 2016

I had a couple of wheels done by a home visit. twelve months later still ok despite pressure washing. Think it was about £50 a wheel. Took about 2.5 hours. Any similar service your neck of the woods.

  bumpkin 16:19 25 Apr 2016

Similar prices my area and I was wondering if there is some kind of minor repair kit or service rather than a full refurb every time I scratch one. Damage is very slight on 3 of them, looks like just the laquer peeling. The one I kerbed has minor marks just around the rim.

  Pine Man 18:58 25 Apr 2016

I did my own with a bit of fine wet & dry paper followed by aluminium paint aerosol followed by lacquer aerosol. Both aerosols came from Halfords. Virtually impossible to see the repair and lasted, to my knowledge, for at leat 12 months before I sold the car.

It took about ten minutes and there is enough paint left to do it loads of times if the kerbs keep attacking my wheels.

  bumpkin 13:39 26 Apr 2016

thanks PineMan, I have seen some repair kits which contain what you say plus a few other bits and pieces for about £25 so I may give it try. Did you take the wheel off to do it and mask up the tyre?

  Pine Man 14:16 26 Apr 2016

I left the wheel on and masked the tyre and nearby bodywork. Rubbed down the damage gently, the metal is very soft, with fine wet & dry and then sprayed the aluminium paint followed by lacquer.

At the time my car was only about a year old and I put it in PX through a main dealer a year later who certainly didn't notice the repair when using their fine toothed comb to examine my car!

Cost in total about £12 and worth every penny.

  bumpkin 14:25 26 Apr 2016

I shall give it a try then, just wondering if it would survive a jetwash.

  Pine Man 15:18 26 Apr 2016

When the car was serviced it was also jet washed and had the wheels cleaned properly - no issues at all.

  HondaMan 09:05 27 Apr 2016

Usually works out at about £60 per wheel

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