rdave Vosper Fibre Glass Sweepers

  Strawballs 18:02 07 Oct 2012

rdave asked me if I knew about the GRP sweepers build by Vosper Thornycroft.

I actually spent 6 years in the GRP at Woolston between 1996 - 2002.

Yes they did build a lot of sweepers for the RN 2 different types MCMV's Mine counter measure vessels and the later Sandown Class of SRMH

  Strawballs 21:00 07 Oct 2012

Al of the Navy's SRMH's Single role Mine Hunter's were built by VT at woolston and all but 2 of the MCMV's were also built by VT the other 2 were built at what is now Scotston. VT also built 3 SRMH's for Saudi Arabia. You were saying about the thickness being 2 inches on the Ton Class that was wilton. The single Roles were 3 inches down the bow with a stainless shoe over that.

  Strawballs 21:03 07 Oct 2012
  Strawballs 21:09 07 Oct 2012

Sorry went out. They were very successful and very strong Every time a new batch were built they took one of them and exploded a mine under it and each time very little damage was done!!

  Forum Editor 09:32 08 Oct 2012

When my father was the Commanding Officer of RAF Felixtowe they had Motor torpedo boats. I was very young at the time, but I can clearly remember seeing these (to me) huge boats being lifted from the water by a crane at the end of a pier.

I assume the boats were built by Vospers - am I right in thinking they had laminated plywood hulls? I seem to recall someone telling me they did.

  morddwyd 10:32 08 Oct 2012

They might have been converted MTBs, but the RAF never used them in that role of course.

They were solely for rescue and the only armament they had were gun turrets, aircraft style, not naval 6 inch!

I think they were Frazer Nash mk 4 or 5.

The engines, I seem to recall, were Thorneycroft, but I can't remember who built the boats themselves, though Vickers are rolling around my head somewhere.

  Strawballs 12:53 08 Oct 2012

Vospers built a lot of MTB's during the war. The then owner of the company (I think it was Cmdr Ducane) went to the MOD just before the war with the design for them and they were not interested so he built a handful of them as stock, after the war started the MOD came back to him and asked how quickly he could make them. He said he had some they could have now just need the torpedo launchers fitted.

  morddwyd 20:24 08 Oct 2012

I think if the FE was talking about "huge" (even to a child) boats, possibly MTBs, the he probably saw HSLs, High Speed Launches, not RSLs, Range Safety Launches, which were rather tame by comparison!


I served on 2688 (top picture).

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