A rather large Box

  carver 14:25 22 Dec 2008

This is a bit of tongue in cheek about another story which appeared the other week, this is the first part click here

Then you understand the second story

click here

Might not be to every body's taste, but it made me grin.

A bit more light hearted than reading about another firm going bust.

  crosstrainer 14:48 22 Dec 2008

Ok, a Dimm in a box that size is stupid, but view from space?


  wiz-king 16:23 22 Dec 2008

Not stupid at all. --- one or two standard size boxes for all shipments keeps the number of parts down in the stores and makes it easier to bulk buy. easier to count at end of year stocktaking, less staff needed in ordering dept = lower cost of ordering. Makes sense to me.


  bluto1 19:10 22 Dec 2008

How the heck is Santa supposed to get that down a chimney??? :-))

  canarieslover 19:13 22 Dec 2008

At least that's how the accountant explained it.

  octal 19:33 22 Dec 2008

That's nothing, I received a part order from Farnell the other day, the box measured 12x10x10 inches it contained one LR1 battery. When I picked the box up I nearly threw it though the roof it was so light.

  Kev.Ifty 20:19 22 Dec 2008

Last year I received an envelope with one cable tie in it from Holland. The order was for 1,000 but somewhere along the line the comma became a full stop.

How the bloke in the warehouse didn't question it I don't know.

It was sent 'Next Day before nine' via UPS and cost about a tenner!

:-0 ??

PS: Pls don't ask me why we order Cable ties from Holland. I am not a 'Manager'!!

  robgf 22:19 22 Dec 2008

A few years ago, a lorry driver arrived with a delivery ticket at the firm where I work, at closing time.
I said I would unload him and asked if I would need the forklift. He laughed and said I doubt it. When he opened the back doors of his forty foot artic, it contained just one box, about the size of a bag of sugar (contents worth about £30).
I said that I hoped he hadn't driven too far out of his way, to deliver that. He said just from Newmarket, to us in the center of Northamptonshire!!

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