Rare Top of the Pops photos on show

  peter99co 11:54 30 Apr 2010

click here

1964 and 1973

  peter99co 12:00 30 Apr 2010
  morddwyd 13:05 30 Apr 2010

TOTP is a good indicator of ageing.

I knew I was getting old when my son said it was a load of tuneless rubbish performed useless no-hopers.

That was about twenty years after I had said much the same thing!

Massive influence in its heyday though.

  jakimo 13:42 30 Apr 2010

I knew I was getting old when my son said it was a load of tuneless rubbish performed useless no-hopers

goes to show how much its got worse

  Woolwell 16:48 30 Apr 2010

Pans People!

  ams4127 20:33 30 Apr 2010

I wish you hadn't mentioned Pans People, Woolwell; you've made me go all of a quiver again ;-)

  canarieslover 20:50 30 Apr 2010

Rare photos!!! I remember them as if it was yesterday. I must be really getting old. I got married the same year as TOTP started.

  Forum Editor 00:00 01 May 2010

click here

Scroll down and quiver to your heart's content.

  Quickbeam 08:51 01 May 2010

The worst ever Pan's People dance was the 'Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain' dance, it was terrible, prancing around with a candled birthday cake, they even looked embarrassed to be doing it!

  Quickbeam 09:12 01 May 2010

I can't find a clip of it, it's so bad that someone's erased all traces of it from the net...

  ella33 10:08 01 May 2010

It was great to see all the old pics even if TOTP did seem naff at the time. The young Jimmy Saville! Sonny and Cher! The old black and white pics are so cool.

May I say , for argument's sake that Someone Left the Cake out in the Rain must have been the worst song of all time? At least as far as I am concerned. It has been revived so many times, or at least played as a Goldie Oldie and it just seems to go on forever with no meaning. Someone did explain it to me once but it didn't help! I never saw the dance to go with it, I am pleased to say!!

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