RAM on ebay?

  wky 21:34 23 Aug 2006

Hi I plan on purchasing a stick of memory from ebay, a 1gb micron memory stick for my laptop, checked the descriptions and it is compatible. It is however used although stated that it is fully tested, are they trustable? the feedback is all positive, seems like it's all good to me and dead cheap too.

  Totally-braindead 21:57 23 Aug 2006

I'm afraid its a question no one can answer. We don't know anything about the item or the person whos selling it so I can't see how anyone can comment. You haven't even provided a link to the item in question so people can even look at the feedback.

Most people on Ebay are honest and just trying to make a few quid, some of course are con merchants but they are the minority. Having said that though I'm not keen on buying second hand memory, especially with the compatability issues. Thats why I always use Crucial. You say its the correct memory and I presume you are certain this is the case and that you have checked your laptop manufacturers website to check that it can take the extra memory.

You pay your money and take your chances I'm afraid.

  Input Overload 22:02 23 Aug 2006

I now will only buy RAM from crucial, this decision was based on problems when buying from elsewhere for myself & others.

  sean-278262 00:52 24 Aug 2006

I buy on Dabs now for crucial memory about 10quid cheaper after postage and quicker too plus I can still use the crucial memory advisor to check compatibility. Why risk 2nd hand unless it is an amazing bargain that cannot be missed. Ram is cheap brand new these days so be sure it is a true bargain.


  egapup 09:35 24 Aug 2006

I buy a lot of computer bits from ebay and have only been let down once, as long as the feedback reads ok then it should be fine.

  wky 10:28 24 Aug 2006

well all the feedback is for ram and it is 100% positive that they work fantastic, so i'll go with what people have experienced, should be okay. cheers for advice, just because ram on crucial costs nearly half more than on ebay.

  GaT7 10:58 24 Aug 2006

Make sure the Ram is sent insured at the very least.

Over the years I've purchased Ram on eBay as well as several other PC components. My present PC is built on 95% of components from eBay - it runs great.

But as Totally-braindead mentions it can be risky. Buy from the wrong person & you could be in trouble. Sometimes damage can occur in transit & things do get lost in the post (both have happened to me, but fortunately with good outcomes each time). Many sell brand new stuff though with full manufacturer's warranty, sent well-packaged & insured. G

  Wilham 10:11 27 Aug 2006

Price outside is dropping, now £10-49 for 1GB stick,... pehaps even cheaper elsewhere. Plus delivery, but you pay that on eBay. click here=

  Forum Editor 10:27 27 Aug 2006

in Consumerwatch.

  wky 16:22 27 Aug 2006

sorry about that. Well ram arrived and it's working fine, speeds up my laptop good. cheers.

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