Raising revenue by reintroducing the dog licence

  Roger Evens 14:13 17 Jun 2010

Just wondered if a dog licence of £25 per year would help offset the deficit. Probably produce 500 million if not more!

  bremner 14:27 17 Jun 2010

...and £501miliion to administer.

  lotvic 14:30 17 Jun 2010

I think that's a good idea, would also keep a check of the dog & type population and how many dogs in one household.
Also in order to get a licence you should have to provide proof of dog properly vaccinated - to stop spread of dog diseases

Don't know if £25 would be enough to cover costs and make a profit though.

  MAT ALAN 14:38 17 Jun 2010

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The question has, sort of, already been asked...

  wiz-king 15:18 17 Jun 2010

The first case of an OAP's dog put down for not having licence/insurance should scupper that one!

  Woolwell 16:51 17 Jun 2010

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I think that it was generally agreed that the responsible owners would pay the irresponsible ones would not and it would be very difficult to enforce.

  [email protected] 17:03 17 Jun 2010

introducing new licenses purely for the sake of raising revenue, and I don't think keeping track of vaccinations justifies it either.

  jack 17:41 17 Jun 2010

A good idea - bad
Keep track of dogs- hgve then chipped with an annual fee and compusary insurance with an organization to oversee it all -Why not?
Because as said the cost would be enormous and the renegades - pit bull owners and the like would not comply
Just like DVLA and boy racers and migrants really

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 17 Jun 2010

As there appears to be 8 million dogs in the UK and assuming that 25% would not pay (a low estimate IMHO)...your figures would appear to be somewhat awry. Did you use to work for the last Government's Exchequer?

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  colberly 18:13 17 Jun 2010

Doubt very much if the introduction of dog licences would work, microchipping of dogs doesn't
in many cases. I work with a dog rescue that takes in strays. If the dog is chipped the registered owner will often say they gave the dog away but can't remember who to and details on the chip haven't been changed. What is needed perhaps would be compulsory microchipping and the registered owner become liable if a dog strays or is a danger to the public though I don't even believe this would solve all problems.

  spuds 18:54 17 Jun 2010

When Christmas comes round, many pets are abandoned. Just fancy what will happen if a £25 license fee is required.

Compulsory micro-chipping might possibly solve some of the problems. That can cost anything from free to £20.00, depending where the chip is obtained.

There is another point to consider. Less pets, less revenue from responsible owners, taking into account the animals lifespan.

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