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The RAF Moving into Space?

  morddwyd 09:59 03 Oct 2019

The RAF is a fighting force.

Why are we sending it into space where militarism is prohibited by international treaty?

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  Pine Man 11:46 03 Oct 2019

I think you have over-reacted.

The RAF are merely helping with the launch of a Virgin Orbit satellite from which they will gain benefits.

  Aitchbee 12:18 03 Oct 2019

Who knows. We might have to defend our planet from Alien attack in times to come ... klingons off the starboard bow!

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  MPN1A 18:56 03 Oct 2019

Per ardua ad astra.

  morddwyd 19:48 03 Oct 2019

* they will gain benefits. *

Like what?


Defence against Klingons is a Federation matter, not for individual nations!

  Govan1x 21:01 03 Oct 2019

We might have to defend our planet from Alien attacks. To late they are already here. Boris and Trump.

  Forum Editor 22:51 03 Oct 2019

"I think you have over-reacted."

Ditto from me.

  Pine Man 11:47 04 Oct 2019


Like what? (Benefits)

'The RAF plan to have a constellation of small satellites in orbit, providing high quality images, video and secure communications.'

Seems quite benficial to me.

  morddwyd 19:17 04 Oct 2019

Any number of government and commercial enterprises could provide Such a service, at lower cost and probably to a higher spec.

The Royal Air Force should stick to its core business, defence of the realm.

  Pine Man 08:29 05 Oct 2019

The Royal Air Force should stick to its core business, defence of the realm.

.......and that will surely be aided by such satellites won't it? Also how does 'defence of the realm' sit with transporting the Royal Family and Government Ministers around the world as my son in law did for many years?

  Pine Man 08:35 05 Oct 2019

Have you actually read the article in the link you provided?

The MoD's spending on the space programme is modest when compared with the billions of dollars already being spent by the US, China and India. But it is yet more proof that space is the new frontier and next frontline for defence.

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