radio station and Deer crossing signs

  carver 07:15 28 Jun 2014

You may have heard or seen this but it's the first time I've seen it and what can you say, it lasts about 3 minutes.

The thing is should people like that be allowed to contribute to the human gene pool.

  bumpkin 11:38 28 Jun 2014

She sounded serious but I do wonder if it was a "wind up"

  Forum Editor 11:55 28 Jun 2014

She obviously hadn't grasped the idea that deer cross roads where they want to, and not where we want them to. I imagine there are lots of people who share her lack of understanding.

  Quickbeam 11:58 28 Jun 2014

Ah but... we can make toads cross where we want then to. Well most of them anyway, the squashed ones give way to natural selection theory...

  bumpkin 13:17 28 Jun 2014

toads can read the signs then, some deer can't see too well, that is one eye deer anyway.

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