Radio Scrappage Scheme

  Woolwell 10:49 02 Feb 2010

I wonder what you think of this click here

Personally I think that it would be helpful if the the whole scheme to convert to digital radio was scrapped. There will be so much wastage and expense of buying new sets or digital to analogue boxes.

  dms_05 11:09 02 Feb 2010

If DAB was an overall improvement on VHF then the switch would happen automatically.

However DAB is inferior in many ways - reception is much more difficult and sound quality is often inferior. Surely these are two the the main concerns and until these are resolved DAB should continue to stagnate in it's current backwater.

If you live in one of the areas where DAB reception is good then you are OK but in many major city locations reception is difficult or even impossible.

You may have read about BBC R4 parking a BBC car outside BBC TV Centre in London and been unable to tune into R4 with DAB whilst VHF was perfect. It really is that bad.

VHF gives us proven technology with a massive installed base of perfectly good receivers. Why replace 100 million VHF sets at a cost of £5 billion when all the money will go directly to China. Surely we can use the money better on the NHS.

  robgf 11:16 02 Feb 2010

It is ridiculous for the Government to be even considering turning off analogue, when only 20% of people use digital.
I just ran my area (Northants) through the station checker and get a short list, mainly BBC and religious stations (great choice!!), listed as possible I may be able to receive them.

I know for a fact that I cant receive them, as my neighbour on one side recently splashed out a new digital radio, only to find that she cant pick up diddly squat.
The neighbour on the other side is more of an enthusiast and can pick up some stations, but only because she has a roof aerial.

So when the swap over comes, I will have to scrap my perfectly good clock radio (very good for the environment), buy a new DAB radio, have a roof aerial installed and chase a aerial cable down the walls. I don't think so, I will just stop listening to radio.
Plus the car radio will be defunct, with no way to upgrade.

  dms_05 11:54 02 Feb 2010

You can buy an upgrade for your car radio. They are technically poor but do produce some reception in strong signal areas - if you can manage with all the cables dangling around the car which is a real safety feature. And they are expensive.

DAB should be DBR (Dead Beat Radio).

I suppose it will save the BBC money when they close lots of their stations as no one listens.

  Quickbeam 12:46 02 Feb 2010

Well I'm totally sold on DAB and have been for the last 4 years.

Yes there may be better reception when comparing the BBC lower bit rate output. But Five Live, TMS and all the other speech channels are millions of times better than on AM, or the old longwave. Now don't I just know the longwave listener in Alice Springs is now going to complain bitterly that it should stay transmitting forever...

As regards the music stations, it wins again, as the out put from the commercial stations and radio 1 is now 40 years below my age group. Radio 2 only offers 3 or 4 programme slots that interest me. The rest of their airtime is in a timewarp, The Organist plays etc... is Charlie Chester still on, on Sunday teatime, along with The Kings Singers?

No, give me DAB anytime, radio before DAB was boring.

  Woolwell 12:54 02 Feb 2010

They are considering a radio scrappage scheme but it would have to be very good to make me consider scrapping my analogue radios. Without details, even draft proposals, it is difficult to know how many would participate in such a scheme.

  dms_05 13:21 02 Feb 2010

Quickbeam - your one of the lucky one's who can receive DAB signals without the need for expensive external antenna.

Also we are comparing VHF with DAB and DAB is often very inferior in quality.

A report last year showed that where DAB was offered as an alternative to VHF in cars the take up was almost zero % with only about 6 instances of people opting for DAB as original fit equipment (out of over 1 million new cars).

If it was any good people would be buying DAB. After 10 years it has to be considered a failure at only 20% uptake and even then many of that 20% report they use their VHF radio for most of their listening withthe DAB radio collecting dust in a cupboard.

  Chegs ®™ 14:12 02 Feb 2010

I was idly perusing the various electronic items on sale in the supermarket,whilst waiting for my partner.The range of DAB radios all appeared to be mono devices and the prices being asked if they are mono is ridiculous.Several months later,I called into an electronics retailer to enquire about 3d TV's and noticed more DAB radios so asked a few questions about them.The sales chap dismissed the radios as reception in my area is chronic(might be very scenic living on the edge of the Lake District,but those darn fells play havoc with transmissions)

  Woolwell 14:34 02 Feb 2010

It is indeed strange then that more than one site is referring to this as a "scrappage" scheme". click here
Digital Radio are considering introducing a scheme whereby customers trade-in their old radios. That is not the same as a straight discount.

I do suspect that someone is flying a kite to see what reaction there is.

  canarieslover 14:43 02 Feb 2010

Having bought a new car, with the scrappage scheme, that came with a DAB/Analogue radio I find that the amount of DAB stations that I can access are so few that I don't even use the DAB section of the radio. Its not as though I live 'out in the sticks' unless that is how the Greater London/Essex border is seen by broadcasters. VHF is still my main listening and probably will be until switched off.

  Pine Man 15:48 02 Feb 2010

I bought DAB indoor radio to replace an ageing VHF radio about four years ago. I connected it to my existing chimney mounted VHF aerial and I can get every DAB station that is advertised and far, far better reception than VHF ever was.

According to the DAB website I can't get very many stations at all?

It was, and still is, the same with digital TV. According to the web site I can't receive it in my area but I have a 100% signal and get all the channels.

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