Radio London (Big L) Started 23/12/1964.

  Big L 266 09:52 08 Dec 2010


It occured to me this morning that my all-time favourite offshore pirate radio station Radio London (Big L) would commence full-time 'live' broadcasts from the MV Galaxy anchored 3.5 miles off the Essex coastline on the 23rd December 1964. The ships origins were such it was an ex-US naval minesweeper called USS Density which saw active service in world war two before being converted into a radio station.

It seems incredible to me that 46 years on from these first opening broadcasts, and 43 years since her last broadcast on the 14th August 1967, this station should be remembered as the best ever radio station to grace the medium wave frequency of 266 metres for nearly a 1000 days.

I unashamedly include a link to a dedicated website of 10 years standing to this finest of radio stations.It is run by dedicated folk who keep the station, its crew, disc jockeys, owners and just about everything - including us fans - else alive for us to recall.

click here

I'm sure this station had many fans all now of a certain age and I know there are many in here older (and wiser) than me who will recall this period of time 1964 to 1967.

Its pure nostalgia.

Indulge in a Big Lil 'Sonowaltz'!

Big L 266

  uk-wizard 10:35 08 Dec 2010

Twas very expensive for me - cost me a 10 Guineas fine for building and running the VHF link from Havering to the ship so that it could get new records sent over and transcribe them to 8 track tape for use when the sea was too rough.

  Bapou 11:04 08 Dec 2010

Is that the station which broadcast "Black Is Black" on the hour every hour?

  canarieslover 12:07 08 Dec 2010

Personally I listened to Caroline more than Radio London, but both were a breath of fresh air, broadcasting wise, at the time.

  timsmith259 12:08 08 Dec 2010

Radio London a class by itself Alas no more even before my time but i do remember Tony Blackburn and others alas gone forever more shiver me timbers, Robbie Vincent and many more gone from the airwaves now these days they only garbage on these airwaves because of the like of x factor and the idiot whoo created it, created a market of dummy misfits who line just to cometh on the telly

  KremmenUK 12:26 08 Dec 2010

Tony Blackburn is still around. I listened to him on Saturday (or was it Sunday?) (BBC2) doing the 3rd December 1969 Top 40 - and very good it was to.

  jakimo 13:18 08 Dec 2010

You will find Tony Blackburn every sunday
click here

As for your comment about the X Factor,there were 11 million watching on last Sat\Sun who didn't think it garbage

  wids001 13:31 08 Dec 2010

Those were the days! A breath of fresh air after years of listening to the BBC Light Programme. The only pop music prior to the pirates was in the evening from Radio Luxemburg on 208 metres.

Couldn't agree more Big L 266 - That was my fav as well. The wife used to love listening to Tony "HELLO!" Windsor in the mornings. Do you remember his morning Coffee Break sponsored by Camp Coffee - How apt!!!!!

Then there was Kenny (Everitt) & (Dave) Cash - Brilliant! But for me, looking back I always enjoyed Tony Blackburn - Legend!

  Bingalau 14:17 08 Dec 2010

I can remember getting Radio Luxembourg just after the war when I had my first portable radio. I think you could also get the American Forces Network which was full of Glen Millar and Tommy Dorsey type music. Much nicer than the rubbish played nowadays.

  wids001 15:26 08 Dec 2010

I seem to recall that prior to the Pirates ruling the waves, the only "pop" music on BBC Radio were things like "The BBC Light Symphony Orchestra Plays The Beach Boys" etc, etc.

Once the pirates started they introduced mid-day spin on the light programme - 20 minutes or so a day of pop music!

  peter99co 15:45 08 Dec 2010

On 208 and don't forget Dick Barton Special Agent

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