Radio 2 Drivetime Show

  Quickbeam 08:27 13 Jan 2010

What do we think of simon Mayo in this slot?

I used to listen to him when he was the Radio 1 morning DJ. In that he was quick witted clean, but cool. When he left, they seemed to go for the dumbed down lout/ladette route. Since then he's been on 5 live.

I like what I've heard so far.

  interzone55 09:57 13 Jan 2010

I've not been listening to Radio 2 for the last week or so. In the bad weather I've been listening to Radio Manchester for the regular traffic updates.
I'm sure the BBC Local radio stations will show a steep rise in the next RAJAR figures.

Anyway, I too enjoyed Simon Mayo's Radio 1 shows. I've also enjoyed the times he's stood in for Chris Evans last year, but I really like listening to Richard Allinson, so I was kind of hoping he'd get the job.

Maybe he'll get Sarah Kennedy's slot when Radio 2 find a way to give her the push, but she's been making too much noise about ageism in the media, so they'll have to be careful...

  Quickbeam 10:25 13 Jan 2010

"she's been making too much noise about ageism in the media, so they'll have to be careful..."
Surely they could just push for being crap?!

  Hercule Marple 10:45 13 Jan 2010

They should bring back Jimmy Young.

  Quickbeam 10:50 13 Jan 2010

DLT for me, and John Noakes for Blue Peter...

  OTT_Buzzard 11:01 13 Jan 2010

Yes, I was quite a fan of Simon Mayo, despite the (thankful) fall from grace of the Confessions slot. Or at least I think that's what it was called. Time to start chaning my radio listening habits with all these changes!

  KremmenUK 11:39 13 Jan 2010

Of all the DJ's I've heard I think Steve Penk was the most entertaining.

Sadly he left Capital Radio ages ago and went back to Piccadilly Radio in Manchester I think?

We also used to have a very comical team in 'Greg and Erica'. They used to verbally bounce off each other nicely to great effect. I never did find out what happened to them.

  interzone55 14:03 13 Jan 2010

There used to be a fantastic radio station based in Oldham called Revolution, they played a really good mix of indie & dance music with a heavy Manchester band bias.

Last year Steve Penk bought the station and almost all the DJs left the day the sale was announced.

That's how well loved Steve Penk is around these parts.

In the mid 80's Steve Penk used to stand in for Timmy Mallet when he was too drunk to turn in for work and it was a bit like the scene in Good Morning, Vietnam when Lt Hauk takes over from Adrian Cronauer, a sad deluded man desperately trying to be funny and failing miserably. I bet Radio 1 experienced a huge surge in listeners every time Timmy Mallet was "ill"...

  Quickbeam 07:35 14 Jan 2010

He's got a great new game on this show, music track pontoon. He gives the contestant a record title and they have to quickly guess the play time in minutes and seconds, which are added up. As they get near 18 mins they have to choose to twist or stick. One dipstick yesterday decided American Pie was only about a 4 min track and went bust big style!

You have to hear it to appreciate it... it's a well thought out radio game:)

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