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Is this a radical way to end lockdown?

  john bunyan 06:47 04 Apr 2020

A professor at the London School of Tropical Medicine has suggested that as the lockdown is causing so much mental and economic damage , that in the absence of a vaccine or cure , that only herd immunity will work.

A return to work and school would mean that it would truly mean the survival of the fittest.

Many of us here would be lost but most of the young would survive and maybe thrive. Is there any other way?

herd immunity

  Forum Editor 12:55 05 Apr 2020

wee eddie

"What if we don't become immune or that immunity only lasts a few months?"

My NHS source told me that when you recover from a COVID-19 infection you should have developed an immunity which will last you for between a year and eighteen months.

With regard to vaccines, clinical trialing is underway and there are multiple vaccines in development. There will undoubtedly be a vaccine available in this country at some point, but even when the trialing period is over it will be some time before the vaccine is universally available - huge quantities must be manufactured, and at the head of the queue will be health workers and other essential services.

  wee eddie 13:54 05 Apr 2020

Just a simple point: COVID-19 has only transferred to Humans in the last couple of months.

There is no way that anyone can know how long immunity will last ~ OK, one can make assumptions, based on previous experience but, until a year has passed, we cannot "Know"

  Forum Editor 22:49 05 Apr 2020

"...until a year has passed, we cannot "Know"

Quite right, which is why I said 'you should have developed an immunity will last you for between a year and eighteen months.'

That thinking is based on considerable past experience of virus infections, and at the moment there is no reason to think that this virus will be different.

In 2018, research scientists working at the University of Exeter discovered that our immune systems produce 'memory' cells which have the ability to recognise different strains of the same virus, and this discovery is eventually going to transform the way that vaccines are developed. In the meantime, it is highly likely that people who recover should have an immunity to Covid-19, although there will probably be rare cases of people who develop a second, less serious bout of infection, as is the case with other virus immunities.

  wee eddie 22:54 05 Apr 2020

I hope that you're right

  Forum Editor 10:06 06 Apr 2020

Let's hope so. People who have been infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) which is another type of coronavirus have two to three years of immunity, and studies carried out with monkeys that were infected with COVID-19 found that they were subsequently immune to it.

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, says: "Although we need more evidence to be sure of this, people who have recovered are unlikely to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 again."

SARS-CoV-2 is another name for COVID-19.

This virus hasn't been in the human population long enough for extensive research to give definitive answers, but we'll all know, soon enough. In the meantime, the way to beat the virus is to deny it access to new hosts, which is why it is so important to stay away from potential infection sources, rather than going on mass cycle rides as some idiots did over the weekend. Such people - who appear to think that the rules don't apply to them - are a huge threat to others, but they are either too stupid to understand that, or they simply don't care.

  Gordon Freeman 10:56 06 Apr 2020

Such people - who appear to think that the rules don't apply to them - are a huge threat to others, but they are either too stupid to understand that, or they simply don't care.

I guess within this sentence you're also alluding to Dr Catherine Calderwood?...she who, as Scotland's CMO, wrote the rules for everyone in Scotland, then decided it didn't apply to her...on two separate occasions. The arrogance of the woman.

  Forum Editor 17:16 06 Apr 2020

"I guess within this sentence you're also alluding to Dr Catherine Calderwood?"

I think Dr. Calderwood realised what a bad mistake she had made, and she's paid a price for it. It's to be hoped that in doing what she did she didn't cause any harm to anyone else.

  Dunk 09:01 07 Apr 2020

It's also true that two Tory MSPs went out, with friends, to 'bag' Ben Vorlich, posted photos on twitter (which they have since quickly deleted!) and yet have not been called to any account?? Should the police not speak to them, as well? Will they resign?

Did the freelance Sun photographer, who stalked Dr Calderwood across Scotland, have a 'free pass' to roam the countryside? So many questions.....!

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