Racism. A one way street.

  User-1159794 19:20 28 Jun 2007

Over 200 complaints were made over Sir Trevor McDonald's reference to late comedian Bernard Manning as a "fat white bastard" on the ITV panel show News Knight.

ITV has fielded 148 complaints and Ofcom 85 objections from viewers

The 'joke' also attracted criticism from Manning's companion, Lynn Moran, as well as comedian Jim Bowen, who was himself forced to resign from Radio Lancashire five years ago when he used the word "nig-nog" in a live broadcast.

On the first edition of News Knight, screened on ITV1 on Sunday night, McDonald introduced an item called This week's racist and dead in which he said: "This week it's fat, narrow-minded comic Bernard Manning. I never thought he was a racist. I just thought he was a fat white bastard."

Ofcom is currently assessing the complaints.

An ITV spokesman defended the show as satire, adding: "I'm sure Bernard would find the whole thing hilarious."

I did not see the program and was totally unaware of what Sir Trevor Macdonald had said until I read a letter of complaint in a Scottish tabloid up here in Edinburgh.

Why has there not been massive coverage,as would of been if the 'white' had of been replaced by 'black' and said by a white "celeb".

Where are all the calls for him to apologise.

Where are all the calls for his resignation.

But then again according to the ITV it was satire, so thats alright then.

Racism can not be tolerated in any form.

  Fred the flour grader 19:35 28 Jun 2007

One of the most honest and sensible posts I have seen in this forum.

Bernard Manning, probably would of laughed at it, however he would of followed it with a similar racist comment and been slaughtered for it. If it had of been "Sir Bernard", rather than "Sir Trevor". I would bet my house they would of whipped his knighthoood away quicker than a flash as well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:50 28 Jun 2007

It was obvious satire and anyone who cannot see this needs a reality check pronto.


  madgamer234 19:54 28 Jun 2007

i laughed when i saw Sir Big Mac saying it.

  Sapins 19:59 28 Jun 2007

Am I surprised? not one bit, just you call a coloured person and the racial police will have you locked up in a flash, but coloured people can call us white people anything they like with total impunity, and calling it satire does not in any way excuse it. Can I call Sir Trevor McDonald a skinny Black Bastard then? in a satirical way of course!

I could not agree with you more Rapscallion.

  Jackcoms 20:08 28 Jun 2007

What's the problem?

Bernard Manning was fat and white.

I don't know whether he was a bastard or not because I never met his parents.

  Forum Editor 20:11 28 Jun 2007

I have seen in this forum."

Well, that's your opinion. Mine is that Rapscallion (and each one of the 'over 200' people) who complained has completely missed the point. Trevor McDonald isn't some wet-behind-the- ears ' TV presenter who made a silly gaffe, he knew what he was saying, and he was being satirical. I'm astonished that anyone should think otherwise.

"Racism can not be tolerated in any form."

No, but this wasn't racism.

  postie24 20:11 28 Jun 2007

Am still laughing after reading jackcoms input

  Forum Editor 20:12 28 Jun 2007

Whether he was or not doesn't matter in this context. You can't libel the dead.

  Jackcoms 20:14 28 Jun 2007

Oh, here we go again.

I'm aware of that.

Have you never heard of humour??

  Fred the flour grader 20:16 28 Jun 2007


you missed the point of the post entirely, IMHO.

Rapscallion was pointing out the difference between what white and non white people are allowed to say without being termed a racist. A few weeks ago the guy in charge of racial equality,(Trevor Philips) who bangs on about political correctness in this country and how the 7/7 bombers were victims of a racist Britain. Made a sick joke about the queen mother. It was reported, but in a much minor way than when spouts all his rubbish about how intolerant we are in this country.

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