"TV stations" selling rubbish, buy yours now, dont miss out

  bumpkin 21:36 10 Mar 2013

I am sure you have all seen one, TV stations that are just for selling, they come under various names and guises. Massive discounts just for (or anyone else) because they cant get rid of it anywhere else. I cant understand why the over enthusiastic sales people don't buy it all themselves and make a fortune. Be quick though or you may lose out on the chance of a lifetime unless of course you have a local £1 shop.

  Flak999 22:07 10 Mar 2013

There's a lot of extremely gullible people out there!

  Forum Editor 00:03 11 Mar 2013

It's perfectly legal to sell rubbish, as long as you don't make false claims about it.

The fact that TV shopping channels thrive is an indication that there's a ready market for what they sell. People love to think that they're getting a bargain.

  Graham* 00:20 11 Mar 2013

Sale must end Sunday!!

Why? I was going to pop in Monday, but if the sale has ended, I won't bother.

  spuds 00:22 11 Mar 2013

I gave QVC a try when they first started here in the UK.

Bought three items at different times. A Lexmark printer that sold for a cheaper price at PCWorld, one month after I bought it for a bargain price from QVC. Second item was an 'infra-red' warming device for aches and pains, which was faulty, and fair dues to QVC, I was given a returns label, offered a replacement, but I took an instant refund, Third was a ring, which on arrival was 'ok'.

The Argos TV channel would be about the only one I would consider nowadays!.

  fourm member 07:43 11 Mar 2013

By the time shopping channels arrived in the UK their sales pitches had been finely honed by experience in the USA.

A lot of people get very sniffy about how dumb America is and how appalling it is that things that succeed in the USA cross the Atlantic but the reality is that QVC et al will sell lots of stuff today to British people none of whom is tied to their chair with their eyelids taped open.

  Kevscar1 08:07 11 Mar 2013

There are some really good bargains we've had over the years. I am only surprised that Amazon haven't got in on the act

  BT 08:19 11 Mar 2013

I recently bought a petrol operated garden Strimmer/Brush Cutter/Hedge trimmer/Chain Saw set from Ideal World. The pitch was that you were saving well over £100 on the deal compared with buying all the bits separately which was true, but I later found that Screwfix were selling the same 'set' at the same price, and as I have a fairly local Screwfix Depot I could have saved the postage cost.

However, I bought a Graphics Tablet from QVC a few years ago and it went wrong a little out of the 12 month guarantee period, and despite this they gave me a full refund of the price I'd paid.

Of the Shopping Channels I think QVC is the most professionally presented. Most of the others seem very amaturish.

  bumpkin 16:33 11 Mar 2013

"their sales pitches had been finely honed by experience in the USA." It is as if they really believe it themselves. Get this wonderful beautiful bracelet worth £1200 for ONLY £250. Who says it is worth £1200 has it been independently valued, I doubt it somehow. Its value is what it can be sold for which clearly is not £1200 or that is what they would sell it for, just another sales con.

  oresome 20:32 11 Mar 2013

All commercial TV stations are just for selling.

The programme material is a necessary inconvenience and expense to ensure you view the advertising.

  Quickbeam 20:39 11 Mar 2013

If you want top notch rubbish, look through one of those tat-u-like pamphlets that arrive with the Sunday papers.

They're full of wonders that you never realised that you didn't need.

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