Is "Levi Roots" taking the Michael?

  wee eddie 20:27 04 Oct 2011

Way back in the early 70's, I had a number of West Indian acquaintances who lived in Notting Hill and Battersea and on a number of occasions I ate with the family.

I have recently tried selection of the 'Levi Roots' Ready Meals which bore no more than a passing resemblance to the dishes that I ate with my friends and which I was given to believe were similar to those dishes that they had eaten in Jamaica, before coming to the UK.

So ~ If we have any Jamaican Members, can you put me right or is the whole range something of a con.

Now, I am not saying that I didn't like them, I'm just questioning their authenticity.

  interzone55 21:50 04 Oct 2011

They're as authentic as the food you get from a Chinese or Indian takeaway...

  morddwyd 09:36 05 Oct 2011

Ah! Red beans and rice!

  Crosstrainer2 09:37 05 Oct 2011

Rice and Peas!

  sunnystaines 10:16 05 Oct 2011

my memories of jamacan food are

ackee & callaloo veg. goat curry. a very refreshing drink made from freshly crush sugar cane sticks. coconut water from a young coconut pepper pot stews. chicken in jerk seasoning. pidgeon peas and rice with everything.

and my favourite soursop juice drink

did not like jamaica but the local food was great, never seen jamaican food in the UK.

  interzone55 11:17 05 Oct 2011


never seen jamaican food in the UK

There's plenty of places you can get good, authentic Jamaican food in the UK, there's a few little cafés in Moss Side, and I found a fantastic one off Brick Lane last year.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of attending a friends wedding, she'd married a Jamaican chap and the buffet was amazing. The Curry Goat was simply stunning, and the spicy fried chicken was equally good. There was also a lot of sea food that I didn't care for, but it was well received by the rest of the party, so it must have been good.

Anywhere there's a west indian population you'll find shops that cater for them with authentic fruit & veg and other ingredients, I've even see a lot of Jamaican ingredients in several Asda stores around Manchester. Asda seem a lot keener than Tesco at catering to ethnic groups, they all seem to stock huge bags of rice, bulk packs of spices and Polish foods as well.

My first post was a bit sarcastic, but essentially true, the Levi Roots foods are Jamaican influenced, but seriously toned down to appeal to the general population, just like Chinese and Indian takeaways and restaurants. If you visited China or India you wouldn't recognise the food (quite apart from the fact that the majority of Indian restaurants are owned & run bay Bangladeshis)

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