"I Agree With Dick"

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:19 21 Sep 2013

"I Agree With Dick"

As someone who suffers from mental illness and has been through the, hopelessly inadequate, fit-for-work tests, I support this campaign and hope the government sees fit to take notice. Somehow, I doubt they will though.

  spuds 10:41 21 Sep 2013

Not sure if there is something wrong with the link webpage, but I seem to have only part of the article, and a insert to subscribe to email articles?.

But coming back to the subject of mental health or 'fit for work' assessment for benefits. I thought that this was already provided as an extension to the criteria's already made, unless things have changed over the years.

There use to be added points for certain mental health conditions, and by this additional score rating, some people could gain further and better advantages that other conditions required on assessment.

Personally, I think some re-eduction on mental health procedures and training are needed, and the sooner the better?.

But will one MP like Tessa Hunt make any difference. I doubt it, unless she can rally around for other MP's support?.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:05 21 Sep 2013

Last time I went for an assessment I was awarded no points, then at appeal, several months later, I was awarded 22 points. The Atos test procedure is not fit for purpose.

  spuds 11:33 21 Sep 2013

Mr Mistoffelees

The Atos test procedures have been discussed at many levels, including television investigation documentaries. And like you have stated, on appeal many people have had their points reviewed with successful results. Yet the government will still retain this company to do the assessments. Perhaps those personally involved, or their carer's should make their elected MP's take note to the actual situation some people are going through.

Mental health is still a very mis-understood condition, here and world-wide. And the most worrying thing that I find is the cost implications, especially on cost savings and help in the community.

The police have often had need to pick up the pieces, after a person as been assessed as being fit and well, and most police forces have made clear comments that they (as a police force) are not truly capable or trained in dealing with mental health issues.

Thankfully, or depending how the public see it, there are two trials going on a present with two police forces on mental health assessment. In each case, a specified police office is tasked with attending scenes of possible mental health issues, with a qualified mental health nurse, capable of assessing the situation as it appears. I understand, that if the final trial results are favourable, then there might be a very good chance that all police forces will have a special mental health task force or provision in place.

  Aitchbee 23:24 21 Sep 2013

Regarding the 'qualifications' necessary to get onto this "Mental Health Task Force" ... [may] I suggest that suitable candidates for a job in the task force, will/would have already suffered and perhaps are still experiencing/'living with' or 'coming out' of a moderate depressive phase.

  spuds 12:53 22 Sep 2013


The 'special mental health task force' are actually trained mental health nurses in attendance with a 'tasked' police officer. The role of the mental health person is to assess, the role of the police officer is to protect and provide appropriate, possible high speed transportation.

But the point that you have raised regarding perhaps 'having suffered mental health problems', is a valid one, and I have raised this question previously with the authorities. I suppose you could say, nothing like actually experiencing to know the actual facts, something perhaps a paper qualification may not provide?.

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