"Get Updates via Email" tick box

  Secret-Squirrel 08:59 10 Jul 2015

Despite ticking that box every time, I used to get just a few email updates per year. Since the forums' upgrade I haven't received any. Is anyone else affected?

If this is a widespread problem then that may account for why so few thread-starters bother to return. It must be very disheartening for helpers on the tech forums when they give up their free time to help someone and never get a reply. That's certainly how I feel.

  Forum Editor 09:15 10 Jul 2015

I'm sorry to hear this - we're looking into it.

  Govan1x 09:35 10 Jul 2015

I had an e-mail from them yesterday and clicked on the Unsuscribe button which takes you to a page which does not open and gives a 404 problem.

So can looks like I am stuck with getting e-mails that I do not want.

It is just one of those things I do not like. I try to keep my mail box open for family and friends so I unsubscribe from all company's that I have dealt and not just PCA.

Some want Mail some do not and I am sure there used to be a box in my account that you could tick or put an X on if you did want mail or not.

I know you get one on all posts but you used to get it on My Account as well. I suppose it may be a bit difficult to keep everyone happy and maybe that's why there is a little problem with the mail.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:24 10 Jul 2015

So can looks like I am stuck with getting e-mails that I do not want.

So you never tick that box and get an email while I always tick it and get nothing. Thanks for your input.

  Forum Editor 11:32 10 Jul 2015

Like I said, we'll fix this.

  Forum Editor 12:10 10 Jul 2015

You should find the notifications feature is working now.

  bumpkin 12:20 10 Jul 2015

"This field is required"

Does this mead my Email Address?

  bumpkin 12:21 10 Jul 2015


  Govan1x 13:59 10 Jul 2015

I very seldom get an E-mail from them so this is not really important to me but thought that I would post the fault as it is not working.

click here Page Not Found

The above url was not found on this site this might be because you typed the web address incorrectly - please check the address and spelling. If the link was from another site some times the query string (the bit after ?) becomes corrupted. It is also possible that the page you requested may have been moved or deleted.

To go to the PC Advisor home page, click here, or use the back button to return to the previous page.


  Secret-Squirrel 17:05 10 Jul 2015

You should find the notifications feature is working now.

It's certainly working for me. Thank you Ed.

  bumpkin 18:49 10 Jul 2015

Good that is resolved and some other glitches so while we are having a tidy up how about sorting the links whereby the word after the link goes to the bottom of the page.

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